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A long break

L' Allegro

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I have NO class for 5 WHOLE WEEKS. Should I take some time off, and do no dancing , stretching, at all? If so, how long? I wouldn't be asking this,(because I'd just practice myself anyway!) but several girls at my studio came back from SIs. One girl broke her wrist and did NO dancing for 4+ weeks. The others did the typical SI, 6+ hours/day thing. The girl who had done no dancing came back, improved. The others did not have noticable improvement. A little cleaner, but NOT as dramatic. Hence, my question: what is best to do?

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L'Allegro, I think that reasoning is a bit off. Results from SI's very often take quite some time to solidify to the point of being noted, and someone who has been off for 4 or more weeks will not have improved. They might, for some odd reason, look okay, but there will be weaknesses somewhere.


In answer to your question, we usually recommend that you take 2 weeks totally off, and then start doing either classes somewhere, or work at home on your own. You don't want to be totally out of shape when the regular season starts! :)

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