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Auditioning later today


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I am auditioning for the musical Jekyl & Hyde today with my local community theater. The flyer I got said nothing about dance auditions but I couldn't do that today anyway. I have never seen it but I heard the music on CD.

There are only 4 speaking parts for women and three of them are serious singing parts. OY. I have done it before but I am no soloist. There is a chorus....so I have to sing either way. Maybe I can sing with the men?????

For my own comfort at auditions I am going to sing something from "Nunsense" that you all may enjoy. It is the song the "Nun-Ballerina" does called Morning at the Convent. Maybe they will assume I can dance..... I only have a copy of the singing part from way back in 1989 when I was in that but I will need to pick a lower key than it is in and wing it. I have a shorter back up from Cinderella too: A Lovely Night. It was one of my ugly sister songs where it didn't matter if one went off the notes a little; it made it funnier. I am just not sure from hearing this music that a "character voice" song would even get me in the chorus if the hundred or so people show up that came out for the last few shows.

Send me your good thoughts gang.









I know one of you on these boards has done musical theater. Anybody else???

I have gotten to prefer plays in my older age but it has been a year and I have the itch.

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Not sure how to reply... :P


It's bad luck to wish someone in the theatre "good luck", so I can't do that.

You can tell an actor to "break a leg" but that's not something you can tell a dancer.

In dance we say "merde" and it's a good thing it sounds better in French than it does in English.


So, I'll just say I hope you get the part. Let us know.

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I was taught to say "Chookas!" instead of break a leg....


so chook chook chookas to you!


Let us know how your audition goes.

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Chookas is very Australian. :P


The German version is "Toi toi toi"

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Well here is how it went:

They were looking for about 30 people total. I didn't count but I think only a few more than that showed up. There were very few men compared to how many usually participate in this group. That may get me a part because I put on the forms that I fit in the mens clothes and can sing with them if necessary....

Everybody had to sing in front of everybody else; even if not looking for a soloist part. That was not fun. They called me first. Most of the women were seriously good singers. I am not in that group but I am willing....

There are two female speaking parts I could do and would be thrilled to get. One is a rich *itch and the other is a prostitute. I think I read well for both.

It will all come down to how the puzzle of people fits together.

The director had at least one more person to see and will likely be calling some men who have been in other shows on the phone recruiting today and tomorrow. Decisions are supposed to be announced Tuesday.

The directing staff didn't mention any dancing but there is a song done by the women of the brothel....It could happen.


Still holding my breath but not sweating too much,



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The results are in.

I have been cast as one of the men.. :lol: ..a chorus boy with multiple roles. That is what happens when you volunteer before you know all the facts.

Gee, I wonder if I'd kept my mouth shut if I could have been a prostitute???? :lol:

Oh my....I may end up as one of the "customers" of the prostitutes. :D

The whole thing is a little scary so far. Three lead mens roles haven't yet been filled at all and there are only three of us in the mens ensemble. One of us is a 15 year old boy and I think the other is a young one too. I hope that one can sing really well. One of us has to.

There is a "read thru" on Wednesday. I will probably go and listen at least. I am not sure if I am expected or not but it will be a learning experience.



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Congratulations on getting the part. Kentucky is a little too far from Australia - but I'm sure myself and the others on BT from around the world will be with you in spirit on opening night.


have fun! :lol: (and Chookas again)

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Great job Laschwen!! I always played the male roles in theatre growing up; it's a blessing and a curse :lol:


But you get to perform and that's the best part!!

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knock, knock (parent of dancer here)

Congrats, Laschwen.

Where are you in KY? We are just over the river in Ohio, but I am guessing you are not too close since I did not see any auditions for Jeckyl and Hyde. MY DD does tons of MT. Her first 'paid' role was as a boy and her first "adult paid" role was as a man, so she has developed a reasonable tenor even though she makes a very pretty looking boy. THis summer she moved up to being an adult women, so maybe you can expect the same.

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Sorry, I didn't see your question until today. I am 103 miles from the Airport in Cincy, going South.

Our group is called the Rose Barn Theater and there is a bust of the Bard sitting up in the rafters of the actual Barn we perforn in (or around) watching over us. You would not likely hear of our local auditions. I think it only goes in our town paper.

I actually had fun news for today. I get to be a woman in one scene...a Barmaid. I don't know yet if I get to sing with the girls in that scene. I am going to try to learn their song on my own in case they need another voice to beef up the sound.

The A/D slash Costumer told me she thinks I am a woman all the time for a disctint lack of period menswear in the costume dept, but I have not heard that from the Director and I am still working on trying to sing Tenor.

I hope I get to do both. It will be fun.

We will see. We only just started blocking this week.



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Well the directors vote is in and I have been made a woman for the whole show now :shrug: , now that I have learned the guys singing parts :):nopity:

That is show biz I guess.



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I am in the ensemble of Jekyll & Hyde the musical. I am classified as a "poor street person" in the group and have a mini-part as a barmaid in the brothel. I have no lines and I am not in the prostitute dance (so far) because I have yet to convince the director he needs an older, heavier woman in the ranks of the girls. At least I made it into the sceneso and they may need another singing voice......

As far as I have seen and heard there should be at least one old skanky prostitute in 1887 England. I could do that. Of course I havent seen what is supposed to pass for the dance yet so it may not be worth the fretting. There really isn't any other dancing to speak of...unless you count one little sidestep and a few hand movements.

So far I am just imagining that I got demoted to Barmaid when I got older and started bringing in less business.

People keep getting little extra bits to do here and there as we go.

We have costume work call, a BBQ and a full rehearsal today. We have to miss some for a funeral visitation but will be out there a lot of the day and night.



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