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standard hrs of class per week/daily class?


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looking at colleges i've been really curious/confused about how often classes are offered. if you are actually studying ballet (ie major or minor) it would be standard to have class at least once a day, right? should i be looking into that? i'm hesitant to actually phone up every college because long distance is expensive. i definitly will check further into it if i get really serious about a particular college but i guess my real question is, is it standard at most programs to have at least daily if not twice daily classes?

hope that all makes sense.

thanks a bunch


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I would be skeptical of a program that offered ballet as a major but did not offer ballet technique at least once a day for ballet majors. i would suggest checking out the schools websites. most university websites have class schedules you can look at and major requirements that you could use to get an idea of how much the avg ballet major would be dancing. you could also try emailing the departments and asking them your questions. when looking at universities and colleges i found email to be a very effective way of communication.

hope this helped!

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Also, if you check out the school that we have talked about the most on here, in terms of ballet majors, that should give you the list of the top schools. These schools would definitely have daily training, usually more than one class, plus rehearsals and perforamances. I would suggest looking at the following schools, if you are at an advanced level and plan to major in ballet:


Indiana University

SUNY Purchase



University of Oklahoma

University of South Florida

Southern Methodist University

Texas Christian University

North Carolina School of the Arts

University of Utah

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At a lot of the colleges I looked at (and at the one I ended up choosing) they have advanced technique M-F, but nothing or maybe rehearsals on the weekends. I'm planning on taking open classes on saturdays, but I was wondering if that's standard?

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biners6 -- I remember the school you are going to and the ballet program there differs in terms of the time commitment compared to the ballet programs at the schools that Ms. Leigh listed. From our own first-hand visits, Indiana U, Butler and SMU have very intensive ballet programs with several dance classes a day, Monday through Friday, including technique, pointe, (modern and jazz a few times a week) as well as Saturday rehearsals (and also rehearsals during the week at night depending upon the performance season).


To americanlostinUK, there is quite a bit of difference between the dance major and dance minor programs at the colleges -- and also significant differences between the BA, BS and BFA degrees for a dance major. I know there are lots of threads on BT4D where you can pull up a lot of really great information on all of this.

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While visiting several campuses in the past year, I inquired about ballet majors taking "outside" classes. Several students told me that they have done so, but that Saturdays are often taken up by rehearsals as the academic year progresses.

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I would add University of Cincinnati to the list of schools that offer daily ballet training and lots of pointe, pas, etc. They also have relationships with at least three professional companies - Dayton, Cincinnati Ballet and Joffrey.

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I looked into Florida State Universitys Ballet Program and they have ballet classes everyday except sunday. Depending on your sceduale you may end up with 2 to 3 ballet classes a day because you also have other studys like history of ballet or choregrphy classes, even academic so you have to leave time open for those classes too.

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