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What makeup do I need


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I'm gonna be in a lot more performances starting soon and need to know what colors are the best in general for stage make up, mostly eyeshadow. Thanks in advance. I have blue eyes if that matters.

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For a general make up, not a specific character, usually the brown or mauve shades are best for stage lighting. You also need a good base that is made for stage, like pan cake or pan stick. Liquid drug store make up is not strong enough for the stage lights. Translucent powder, rouge, eyebrow pencil, concealer, shading, eye liner, mascara, lashes, and red lipstick. Pale lipsticks make you look like you have no mouth under the lights. If you have thick eyebrows, you will need to either pluck or block some of them out with a white make up and a cover stick just a bit lighter than the base color. If you have very thin eyebrows, or straight across brows, then you will need to work at learning to draw them in a more flattering shape. Lips also need a liner. If you are blond or very light haired and have a high forhead, you will need to learn to draw in a hairline.


Stage make up is a lot of fun, but it takes practice to do it well, just like everything else! It's best to learn it from your teacher or from professional dancers if you are in a company school.

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It' very individual. You know either by someone teaching you, or, if that is not happening, then by studying the make up of professionals.


Thick eyebrows will need to be plucked or blocked. Thin brows will need to have additional pencil help. Brows to low, or straight, with no arch, also need help in lifting them so that the eyes look bigger.


As I said, it takes practice. Make up is an art in itself! :)

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