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My Favorite Dancer is Leaving!!!


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I don't exactly know here to post this so please move it if necessary.


I just found out recently that my favorite dancer at the Ballet Company affiliated with my pre-pro school is not going to return for a following season and is going to go to to another Ballet Company 3000 miles away! :) I can't believe he would leave the Company affiliated with my school! It's such a good company, in a gorgeous city, and a great ballet school, why would he leave?


He was in the first ballet I had ever seen live and when I saw him dance, he was so amazing that I said he was my absolute, favorite part! :o After the performance I actually met him and he signed my program and let me keep a small token of his to remember him by. I was in heaven for weeks after! :dry:


I can't believe he's not going to be here anymore! :D Sometimes when I'm in one of my classes I'll see him watching the class, or I'll see him around the studio, or sometimes I'll just see him fooling around in one of the studio rooms just dancing because he feels like it. I'm not a stalker or anything, he knows who I am and we're ballet buddies.


I'm going to miss him so much! He always gave me a smile and I always felt so welcome when I was around him. :thumbsup:


I just don't know how to deal with the fact that he won't be around anymore. :shrug: It's a weird transition from having him live in the same town as me to having him 3000 miles away. I think he will be back from time to time to visit the studio and his old company when he's not performing. I know that I can write him letters and stuff while he's away, but it's not the same.


Has anyone else had to deal with their favorite dancer leaving? :thumbsup:

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It's always difficult when someone leaves, Pirouette. But, it is also a part of life, and you will face this many times throughout your life, as you leave to go away to school or to dance, or someone you love leaves. Deal with it by thinking of the benefits to the dancer leaving, and that he is probably moving onward and upward, and that this is best for him and his career. Be happy for him. And you will find other dancers to admire and to learn from. Life goes on, and we do get over these things. :)

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Just an update on my current situation.


Well I am feeling much better now :thumbsup: , although it did take a while to get used to the idea he wasn't going to be around anymore. I decided that I am going to be mature about this and be happy for him. I know it was a bit selfish of me :blushing: to want to keep him here just so I could see him and I wasn't really thinking about him. He is a rising star in the ballet world and getting a bit of exposure in a bunch of articles about him and his dancing. I decided that I would write him letters to keep in touch, afterall who doesn't like a piece of snail-mail every now and again?


Oh and good news, he hasn't left to go to the other Company yet! :unsure: I was so excited when I found this out. He is making the rounds now and visiting all the ballet schools he went to for his training, like where he went to Summer Intensives and his old year round schools. His contract hasn't started yet so he has time to do this. He also told me that he is coming back early September to visit and see everyone again before he has to go. Also, he's going to try to make it back to see one of my pre-pro school's Professional Company's productions of the Nutcracker (the Company puts on quite a few shows, so he can't exactly watch every one of them). Hopefully his new Company doesn't keep him too busy and their Nutcracker doesn't coincide with ours! :) He said that if I get a part this year he's definately going to try to come, if I don't them we'll watch the show together. :D He's such a cool guy and I'm so happy to have a friend like him! :P


Oh, I forgot to add something. The Artistic Director of the Company affiliated with my pre-pro school has extended a lifelong offer and basically told him that he can come back to the Company whenever he wants to dance with the Company again. Plus he can and will choreograph a few pieces in the future for the Company. My friend loves the Company and wants to stay involved, even though he will be very far away with the other Company. :D

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