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Why do teachers leave once you get close to them?


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I was wondering why is it that when you get "close" to a teacher, they always end up moving? This happened 3 times in my life as a dance student. I got privates, I was their dance captain, I helped out with some classes etc...


I am now afraid to get "close" to teachers in fear of them moving away. I get asked to do certain parts in a production and I am afraid that this is the last time I will work with them.

I know you are probably thinking " you shouldn't get close to a teacher in the first place, it is unprofessional". It isn't a friendship as much as someone I look up to. I see them as my mentor but when they move away it is SO HARD! ( I keep in touch with them via email, but it just isn't the same)


I just found out that a teacher who gave me private lessons this summer won't be teaching me next year. She is teaching the level below mine. Should I drop a level to be in her class?


I am not sure what kind of advice I am asking on here, but this is what I am feeling and I hope you can pick up my troubles. :shrug:

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Life in ballet is about moving onward and upward. You will have a lot of teachers in your career, and teachers have lots and lots of students. It's fine to respect and admire a teacher, and in fact it is great that you have teachers you really like. However, when it's time for either the teacher or the student to move, then we just have to deal with it. It doesn't mean you forget them or that you don't care about them, or even that you can't stay in touch with them, but you cannot hold yourself back because of one teacher.

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*knock knock*


I hope you dont mind me replying in your forum. Its just that I'm reading the biography of Irina Baranova at the moment and she often speaks wistfully of the people who have left, and those she had to leave behind. (i think whether we are young or not so young this feeling is something we all experience)


Perhaps (as hard as it is) this moving on from teachers is life preparing you now for what to expect if you were to end up in a touring company. I imagine the life of a ballerina can be a lonely one, of always leaving family and friends behind to pursue career. And it's probably not much comfort to you now but remember there is a time and a season for everything under heaven (The bible's saying not mine - though i wish i could take credit for something so profound) The teachers that have been in your life up to now were with you at this time in your life for a reason, just as the ones you learn from in the future will be there at the time that is right for you. Don't forget the wonderful instruction you have had now, but also don't be sad too long incase you miss the beauty to come in your future.


Remember, Ballet Talk isnt going anywhere anytime soon. (ah the wonders of modern technology... imagine how long it took to receive a letter from a friend in the 1930s)


Again, hope I'm not breaking too many conventions with writing in this forum. (it's just i have a career that has seen me live in 6 cities accross 3 states in as many years, I've had to part with many loved ones and believe me being the one to leave is just as hard as it is for those left behind)


Take care.


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Oh man. I totaly feel you pain. It happened to me twice, once with Amanda Mckerrow. We grew to be such good friends, apart from the studio. We still keep in contact via phone and will be seeing each other this weekend, so I do recommend keeping in touch with dance teachers that you really care about, and if they have time and are willing. :]

Stay strong because there are SO many amazing dance teachers everywhere. Right when I thought my life was over when ms. Mckerrow left, another door opened and I am now at the finest studio.

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