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Movies: Woody Allen's "Scoop"

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Has anyone seen Woody Allen's new movie "Scoop"? It's been panned by the critics, but... it has a lot of ballet tie-ins that the critics have not seemed to notice. Many of the tie-ins are obvious enough for the ballet watcher, but does anyone have any theories of what they might MEAN? What is the symbolism involved here?

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IMO, the music was completely irrelevant to the plot and ill-chosen.... no swan symbolism involved, just pure coincidence. I have done quite some research on swan symbolism in the past, but this one would be too far fetched. :wink:

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What about the other ballet music --- Nutcracker and Gayane? Battle Scene music featured prominently during the detective duo's time following the Lord to the scene of the crime.


Also... the initial shot of Splendini shows him going through exactly the same tricks as Drosselmeyer, and in the same order. And they were just as lame, to the same effect. Then a big box came onstage. The scene was seemingly lifted directly out of the Party Scene. And as in Nutcracker, it was followed by "real" magic.

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I doubt it was intentional. Wasn't there some ballet music on one of his previous movies?

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He's commented a lot on ballet off and on throughout the years. Here's one quote:

‘My whole life again? Gee. I probably would not have been a filmmaker. I probably would have gone to college. I would not have dropped out of school. I would have educated myself, and have taken that more seriously. I would have probably tried to do something in music or dance. Believe it or not, and it sounds so silly to hear myself say it… me on the stage. I would like to have gone into a more physical profession. I think I could have been a ballet dancer. Seriously, I was very athletic.’


You can read the whole article: Here

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Thanks for the link vagansmom. I will try to check on his previous films about ballet music, can't seem to remember the title though...

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