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Doubts about my studio...


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I have been at my studio for about 2.5 years. I had 3 years at another stidio. I was started on pointe 6 months ago. 1 month shy of being 13. 3 other girls started with me. Two of them 12 one 14. We had a 45 minute pre-pointe in addition to our 2 hour and a half classes. What is worrying me is that she is starting a 9 year old on pointe with no pre pointe. One of her reasons for starting her is she does 10 hours of jazz and hip hop a week. I am starting to think that maybe I should not of been put en pointe. Am I worrying for nothing? I would really like some opinions! Thanks!

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I would question the competency of any school that put a nine-year-old on pointe to be able to teach ballet at all. And yes, it does make a vast difference as to what kind of dance prepares you for pointe. Only ballet does.

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Exactly. I would seriously question any studio that puts a child on pointe at any age because she does 10 hours of jazz and hip hop! :)

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ems, we can't know what your school and training are like without a LOT more information than you have given us. But, both of us reacted negatively to the idea of the 9 year old with jazz and hip hop training for 10 hours a week being put in pointe shoes. It sounds like a competition studio to me. If so, and you are serious about ballet, then yes, you will need to find a good ballet school.

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