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Ballets: Beauty and the Beast

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okay, so louisville ballet is doing beauty and the beast this season... i know it's not gonna be like the disney version, but has anyone ever seen this ballet... and how long is it? my little sister wanted to go... she's 8

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Do you know who the choreographer is?

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Well, one would naturally assume Louisville, but a search of the company's website doesn't reveal Beauty and the Beast on its present schedule. A Google search turns up a pas de deux danced by them, but not much detail.

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The post that sheilykidman referred to is from their 2006 season so that is why they don't have it on their current season info.

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Why so it is. Too early in the morning. I should really go back into the back pages of these forums and close or delete things over a certain age.

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Take a look at the dates of the topics/most recent posts. That will help you to decide whether it's an old topic that may not require dredging up, or whether it's a recent topic that could take some input.

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