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I was working this summer, and I wondering what different peoples take on this position is. Is it appropriate to lift the hip so that the hips are no longer in a paralell line. If so then at what level (45,90?) Should the back be held in the same position, or should the back be allowed to give a little, in order to raise the leg? How does one determine the maximum correct height at which ones leg should be held? Thank You

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The answer to your question may change from teacher to teacher, as do many things in the classical dance.


The "lifting" of the hip can be explained by some as an opening of the hip. When the leg lifts above 45 degrees there may be a bit of a change in the hip sockets. The degree of the change is dependent upon each individual student, as well as what program of study is being taught. The hips remain as parallell to the front as possible, there is no measurement.


The back must always breathe in all poses. The higher the leg, the more flexibility necessary to accomplish a beautiful, usable, expressive line.


There are 5 levels of the working leg in directions front, side, and back...toes pointed to the floor, 25, 45, 90 degrees and anything above, as long as the pose remains alive, expressive and classically usable.


Try to remain open to all possibilities and recognize what is being asked of you by each teacher. If you do not know what the teacher wants the best policy is to ask. Some teachers may be more approachable after class while others may enjoy the question being asked during class. Each teacher is different.


It sounds as if you have been thinking quite a bit. :(

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