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I’m a pretty dedicated ballet alert reader and contributor. I love it. You are probably the same.


One thing that I find interesting is that of the 8-10 people I talk with who dance where I dance, not a one reads or contributes to ballet alert. Most don’t even know of its existence. I’m restricting myself to the adult ballet boards by the way.


Now every one of these individuals has an e-mail address, so I assume they are reasonable computer users. What I’m curious about are those characteristics we users have that result in participation in ballet alert. I’m guessing that we all have a certain fondness for expressing ourselves in writing and have the time available to spend going through the various posts. Perhaps we are just lonely for talk about dance (I only talk with the above mentioned people a little before and after class)? Perhaps we are just in that phase of our development where we thirst for more knowledge? I honestly don’t know, though I suspect it’s mostly that we like to write and have the time to do so.


What are your ideas? What in your opinion distinguishes us (ballet alert people) from them (people who enjoy and like dance as much as we do, but who are not part of ballet alert)?

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Lonely for talk about dance.

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I am more seriouse about dance than the other peoples I know who dance. I can't really talk to them about the things I like and they can't give me answers to the questions I have. Here I normally get an answer very quickly.

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I think you also have to remember that some people just aren't into using the internet for communicating with like-minded people. They may have limited access to it, or not be aware of what they could be doing with it.


I found BA a very long time ago when I was dancing and looking for information about ballet classes for adults. I guess, like you say, some people just don't feel that they need to find the info or to talk about it much. But I think it would be great if more people who do dance could get involved in online ballet as well as offline.

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I found this board through someone who saw my old pointe shoes on e-bay. I had put a long story with them that included stuff like "What was I thinking?" and that rang true for the one reading my ad. She told me about these boards and more particularly about the pointe shoe fitting help available here.

I had never been to any chat type things before. I found the idea of talking to strangers on the internet kind of creepy, but suddenly to find people talking about something I love, and having nobody else to talk to talk to outside the boards drew me in.

These boards gave me the drive to get out and find an adult class to take, and has supported me through the trials of the first year back like nobody else in my life could.

I haven't seen her on the boards lately but you know who you are and Thank You....




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I think there are alot of variables in regards to who and why people post/lurk on ballet alert boards. For one, board participation is a matter of personal preference. Some people like it, and some people don't. It's the same reason why some are email people, and some are phone people. If you go onto a site like Myspace, you will see that some people write a long blog every day and others just aren't into it. Boards are just another means of communication. Some get it, and some dont.


There are alot of people out there who just don't think of looking up their interests on the net. Either they don't have the time, or they just don't have any interest in doing so. I personally look up everything on the internet. And I'm sure there are people that simply don't know that there are resources like this out there. To be quite honest, I would be reluctant to tell any of my ballet friends about this board in hopes to stay anonoymous.


Boards are somewhat of a guilty pleasure. If people are looking at and enjoying...even posting on the boards... they may be a little embarressed by admitting that they do so. Why? I don't know.


I think this board..along with others for other interests...are very resourceful if used correctly. I personally like it because it's a good way to ask a question, get a quick response from different perspectives, and not have to feel as silly asking the question to a busy and frazzled teacher after class (who is usually trying to talk to 600 people at once), or an advanced student that you may be a tad intimidated by. My classes end late...long after many kids bedtimes. And asking someone a question about full soles vs split would be kinda hard when people are running to their cars in a sweat at 10:00 at night. Not to mention that this board is a nice thing to look around when you have a few hours downtime at work. :D

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I know why I rely so much on BA...fast, useful responses...case in point: dd asked me the other day to look on BT4D to see whichl is preferred---leather or canvas. In 2 minutes I had an answer for her! Where else could I do this??!

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(Knock knock parent here, if I may) All sensible suggestions for BA vs non-BA people. I'm adding:



addicted (hee hee)

curious (for knowledge)

keen (to know more)

isolated (from the broad range of dance peole here)


but these are qualities that would not necessarily differentiate us from posters on any other board.


citibob may have clinched it simply with 'lonely for talk about dance'. (Just seen that this a quote from your original post Garyecht).


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I found BT4D about a year and a half ago. Looking for information to help myself, as a ballet mom and help my DD with decisions. Being a ballet mom I wanted to have all of the answers and avenues to travel lined up for DD's future so she wouldn't have to stuggle with it like I did when I was younger. I found so much information and help, still do! I have also learned to just let things take their course and not panic, or at least for the most part. Anyway, I have not come across any other moms at DD's studio that have heard of BT4D. In one way, I feel so much more fortunate to know so much more than they do. On the other hand, I feel sorry for those who don't research things because you really can lose out on so much long after it's too late. I guess I'm just type A personality? I'm just one of those who loves to break things down and learn everything I can about it in order to understand it. I wouldn't give up BT4D for anything. Thanks guys! :o

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One great thing about BT4D is that it provides an alternative source of information. The studio my dd attends is a wonderful source, but this is a place where we can ask questions without worrying about making anyone defensive. We've gotten some great information and advice here from professionals, teachers and other dance students and their parents.

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I am interested in anything ballet and extremely curious to learn about what other people say and do- and the more you read here the more you learn.

Plus reading and writing is a great way to relax. :shhh::):P

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For me, I think it's a support group. I'm 45 years old, for crying out loud, and in many dance schools you just aren't taken seriously at that age. So I like reading about the challenges others face, both with their creaky bodies and the issue of intent. We all know that at my age I'm not going to be doing Swan Lake any time soon (though I'd really, really, really like to be a cygnet just one time!!!) But I feel like everyone in my general age group identifies with the desire I have to be the best I can be even at this age. And I hope that I might write something that encourages someone else struggling with those same issues.


Plus, I'm a writer. As some famous writer once said, "How do I know what I think if I don't write it down?" Or something to that effect. It's kind of like venting to a friend. You don't necessarily need advice, you just need to hear yourself rant, then you know what you need to do. (BTW, for our gentleman friends here, this is something you MUST understand about female communication. Just because we're ranting does not mean we want to hear advice on what we should do. We just want to rant, and then have you say, "I'm sorry, honey--why don't I buy you chocolate/clean the toilet/take you shoe shopping." :) Do NOT say, "Here's what I think you should do" unless you immediately follow those words with something along the lines of, "take the credit card and have a little fun." :clover: )


Gosh, got a little off-topic there, didn't I? Ennnyway. I like being able to ask a question that might get behind-the-back-eye-rolling at my dance studio, but is treated seriously here. Thanks, everybody!



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I am interested in anything ballet and extremely curious to learn about what other people say and do- and the more you read here the more you learn.

Plus reading and writing is a great way to relax. :shhh::):P


I second to shulie's post! :)


I still have no idea how I actually found BT but ending up here was like finding Heaven! :lol:

I had no idea BT even existed, but BT is a really amazing source of information as well as a support group.


I don't always agree with everything and/or everyone, but I try to learn as much as I can and it's interesting to read about other people's views and opinions. I'm an extremely information-hungry person and I just love discussion boards (and I know exactly what some previous poster meant by "guilty"...I sometimes feel embarrassed if I start my sentences with "there's this discussion forum on the Net and I guess someone wrote that..." :rolleyes: ). My only regret is that I'd wish I had found BT earlier...but as they say: better late than never! :thumbsup:


It's great to be a member of this fantastic community!!! :wub:

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Ballet Talk for Dancers allows me to connect with others all over the country and even the world who share my insanity for dance. Mature adults have no hope of a professional career as dancers, yet we drag our aging bodies to class several times each week working towards improving our abilities in something quite unusual. There are common themes and challenges we face, and being able to discuss them in an arena wider than possible prior to the invention of the internet allows us to feel part of a larger whole.

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