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L' Allegro

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I have a question...


Ms. Leigh, do you ever do any guest teaching on the East Coast, like in the New England area? If you do, where?


Mr. Johnson, do you do guest teaching? What schools?


Why do I ask? It just struck me that it would be very interesting (not to mention exciting) to take class with the people I've been asking questions of for months (can't beleive I lived for years without this site! :lol: )!



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Ms. Leigh's guesting schedule will doubtless change because of her relocation, but mine is limited to the vagaries of a Civil Service "day job". You never know, though.

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I've been away for a while...I guess I've missed something. Is Ms. Leigh leaving WSB?


Oops...sorry. I just realized this is the young dancer's forum.

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L'Allegreo, I have guest taught in NH, but that's about it for the NE. I did hold WSB auditions in Boston and in CT. for a number of years. But since I have moved to the South, not sure what guest classes will happen now. Probably not in the NE, although you never know! :)

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oh cool you live in gorgia. maby you could come to my school its about couple (over 5 probably) hours away though. im near tampa,FL.

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That article in the paper Ms. Leigh was so nice and I actually got to see a photo of you. I wish I lived in America so I could actually see you and take class, and same with Major. Mel.

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