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Getting enough force for multiple pirouettes


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This summer I attended the Joffrey Midwest Workshop and the RDA Craft of Choreography Conference. I feel that both programs helped me improve tremendously...the only thing that seems to have suffered is my pirouettes :( At Joffrey, everything was about going back to basics...making sure that we have correct alignment, were using our turnout correctly, pointing our feet correctly, etc. I discovered that I was really twisting out of alignment to prepare for my turns, a problem I've been working hard to fix. My turns feel so much better now; my passe position is cleaner, my balance is stronger, and the turn itself feels more comfortable. However, I'm having trouble getting enough force for much more than a double (in flat shoes...pointe is a bit easier because there's less friction). How do I get enough force for multiple pirouettes without distorting my alignment?

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You'll never need more than a triple on demi-pointe, so why worry? Be careful that you don't put so much force into the takeoff for the turn that you knock yourself off balance. The same goes for spotting - don't jerk your head around so violently that it pulls you off your vertical axis.

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Guest megarina

I've found that whipping your arms in quickly helps gain more momentum. You have to be certain to be precise with your arm positioning and alighnment to ensure you don't throw yourself off your vertical axis, though. Also, this is especially helpful for fouettes.

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