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Am I going to be any good?

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Im 18 and im starting ballet for the first time ever in college. Ive really wanted to take it my whole life but my parents said no that it was a waste of time :dry: but now im doing this for myself. Im going to be taking ballet twice a week mon morning and monday night and wedsday morning and night im also going to be taking dance stretch and modern dance. I just wanted to know if my size is good or bad for ballet? Im small im about 5' 2 and 102lb's i have little narrow feet i dont know if thats good or bad for ballet? My goal is ot be able to dance on pointe someday about how long will that take if its possible for someone who has never danced before? Also how long does it take most people to learn the splits? Sorry so many questions im just nervous and excited at the same time haha :D

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Sorry, dear, but there's absolutely no way we can tell. You'll be the first to know if it happens.

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Everyone learns and progresses differently. We don't really discuss weight and such here, and height is a much-debated (and decidedly irrelevant) topic, so it's all up to you. As for progressing to pointe, it depends on lots of things, including your strength, placement, number of classes per week... Best advice is to get friendly with your teacher. Your teacher will be able to tell you, as you progress, what you'll be able to expect in the future.

As for the splits... it took me about a year to get both left and right to be equal. Some people never get them. Just stretch yourself regularly (and carefully!) and give it time. Stretch slowly and don't overdo it- don't bounce, don't push, and make sure your muscles are warm first. And don't worry about too much. They're just a stretch. Remember to use them that way, and not just to impress people.


Also, read the stickies (the topics frozen to the top of the forums.)

Here's one you'll find useful:

Facts of Life About Pointe Work


..but, of course, be sure to read the rest of them! They all contain important information.


Good luck!

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Pointe work is a highly individualized thing. Some people get there and some don't. But dancing en pointe is not the be all and end all of ballet. It can be just as beautiful in slippers as in pointe shoes if you have good technique! =)


As far as the splits........I just got my left side back, and am almost there on my right side. This is after a year back in ballet. I have never been able to do a middle split.........after dancing most of my life, doing karate, and gymnastics. Some people's bodies are literally not made to do a middle split. I think mine is one of them, althougth I can get further down now than ever before.

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Dance is universal. (Way more than cinema, if you watch those introductions at certain theaters!) It's deeply human, in fact even chimpanzees show signs of it. So I think it's pretty clear that size and shape are minor details. They only play a significant role when professional companies are choosing the best of the best, and even then talent and skill will outweigh them. For the other 99.999% of us, it's just not important. All that really matters is whether you have the passion. There are people who dance in wheelchairs!


If you have the passion, you can't not dance. You will find on these pages many times when poeple will say that it's not a destination, it's a journey. Enjoy the journey; I think I can promise it will be more rewarding than you even imagine right now. I can tell you that splits and pointe are also minor details, but you won't really see that until later - probably after you have mastered both, which is after all quite likely if you pursue the training.


For what it's worth, I was more than three times your age when I started. Sure, I regret those 40+ years I missed, but it's a passion that finally found expression and is incredibly satisfying.


Oh yes - and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! You'll find this a friendly and helpful forum, and an incredible resource.

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Im 18 and im starting ballet for the first time ever in college. Ive really wanted to take it my whole life but my parents said no that it was a waste of time :wacko: but now im doing this for myself.


You go girl!!! :D That's what my parents said about studying music, which turned out to be my life's work (they voted beauty school). Even if you never take another dance class after this semester, it STILL wasn't a waste of time, because you will know for yourself.

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:) I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to this a while back when i posted it. I just finished my first 2 semesters taking ballet in college twice a week and i love it more than ever. Ive actually been able to help my parents understand how important dance is in my life and actually just yesterday they told me if I want to try taking classes at a studio as well as college they will help me pay for them, so for the first time in my life really im getting a chance to follow a dream, though i know im to old to ever dance professionally I would really really love to incorperate dance into my career some how. Im working really hard to get to the highest level I can with dance whether thats pointe or not, ( though i really do still want that and am working towards it) I know ballet will always be a part of my life.


Sorry for the long post, i just really wanted to thank you all for the support, it really means a lot coming from people who understand where im coming from when i say i really really love ballet. Thank You SO much!! :D:P

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