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Being taught by a profesional dancer

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Guest caills

Help, I am going to be taught by a profesional dancer and I'm kind of scared. I feel like I'm going to look like a fool trying to do the things she shows us. What should I do?

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Do your best. That's all you can do. The only way you will look like a fool is if you do nothing at all.

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:thumbsup: Jessica Sibley from the Orlando Ballet came to my studio and taught a class. It was a beginner/intermediate, so she toned it down a little (she taught a class last summer, an advanced, and I loved it. But I was almost completely lost! :unsure: )I was nervous, too! But she was very, very, nice, and, coming from a professional dancer who's dancing now makes the corrections all the more relavent. She picked on things that really help make you look like a more advanced dancer- liked more articulated feet, et cetera. You'll really enjoy it! She also gave us tricks (not really the right word- all I could come up with!) that make you look much better onstage. I can tell you right now it'll be one of the most fun classes!


(make sure you get her to sign a notebook)(or ANYTHING!)



Link: Jessica Sibley


oh- who's teaching your class??


*you WON'T look like a fool to the professional dancer- not if they're nice- and I think that they could remember being absolutely lost in class, too!! :thumbsup:

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This is...'s mum.


She is at a SI. The class is being taught by a former principal dancer. What a treat!!! I watched a couple of minutes of a class she taught the Intermediate's and it looked challanging but she is so very nice!!!


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dont worry about it and just do your best...i thought i would make a fool of myself when i had darci kistler for class this summer...but I just did my best and she noticed that and gave me some corrections. all the professionals were your age/level once and they know what its like :ermm:

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Even if it does go completely down the drain just try to focus on what you are doing next. Down keep thinking about all your mistakes until after class. That way you might get on track. I'm sure you'll do fine anyways she'll probably change the exercises abit if no one can do hem properly and explain what you have to do more carefully

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Maybe it will help to relax you a bit if you think that in most cases professional ballet teachers were at one time professional dancers who have just moved into another avenue of the ballet profession. Professional ballet dancers tend to have less experience as teachers. Just enjoy your very nice opportunity and learn as much as you can. :):blushing:

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