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I am starting to feel concerned about my pointe class. My teacher is very old, she used to be a professional, but I am not sure if we're getting the right instruction. Some of our shoes aren't properly fitted and I didn't really notice until recently. She hasn't said anything about it though. I dont think she even noticed my sickeling problem so it took me a while to figure out that I was sickeling. She's a good teacher, but I'm just worried one of us will get injured or something from doing pointe wrong. What should I do?

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Is your teacher also the owner of your school? Is there an authority figure in school to whom you are able to speak? Loosing confidence in the abilities of your teacher is not a good thing. Teachers need to have students in their class who trust and believe in their abilities, just as students acccomplish more readily working with teachers who believe in their abilities. It is a two way street.


Ask for a meeting with your teacher to discuss your observations of your sickling problem, which is actually something that needs to be addressed in the ballet technique class as well as in pointe class. You may be pleasantly surprised and find that your teacher is more observant than you think and is aware of some of the problems you are seeing. Also ask about the pointe shoe fitting concerns. :thumbsup:

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Aware of your problems? Teachers see all! I had no idea that I was 'gripping' and tense. Then I talked to my teacher because I was having pains in my feet and general soreness. He said it was because i was gripping- he noticed it a while ago, but didn't mention it because he didn't want to impede my progress, as I had other WORSE things to worry about.


that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic! oh well...

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