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15 too old?

Guest starryeyeddancer

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Guest starryeyeddancer

I love to dance and have done jazz for 6 years. It was only until about a year ago that I really started getting into it. Now I'm signing up at a new studio in which I'm taking Ballet III and Jazz III, but should I even go through with it? I'm not felxible, I can't even go into the splits. But I am working really hard and really love to dance. Anyway, she said that I would take the class for placement and she would see about going on point. But I'm 15 and all of my dancer friends are on point and so much more felxible then me. I don't know if there is any point anymore. Should I give up? :thumbsup:

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starryeyeddancer, studying ballet is about a lot more than doing the splits. Do not give up on studying something you enjoy.


Please try to take a little more care in your spelling so you are able to be more readily understood. Thank you for understanding. :lol:

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Oh My God! No way sweetie!! I'm 15 tomorrow too...but I've been dancing for years and years. the thing is, dancing isn't all about what you can do...it's about how you do it.

As long as you're enjoying it and you're doing your ultimate best, what more can people ask from you?

I'm sure you're better than you say you are.

Dont worry about it.

LY x :shhh:

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Guest pointe_shoes

Of course you can! I'm almost 16 and have been dancing since I was three....but there's people in my class who started a year or two ago..and they're on pointe! So keep being motivated!


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I'm turning 16 soon, this is only my second year of dance and I might be on pointe soon. The point is not how long you've danced or how old you are but if you work really hard and your teachers can see how hard you're working you'll be fine. Ask your teacher what you need to work on then they know that you want the correction and are willing to work hard. I did that this summer and it made all the difference.

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You're absolutely never to old to dance! :thumbsup: As long as you try hard, listen to your teacher, and pay attention to the corrections you should be just fine. Don't even think about pointe now, just concentrate on your technique and improve. You can work on your flexibility, just be patient with yourself and try not to force things. Also, make sure your new studio is a pre-pro school otherwise you will face the dissapointment of not learning real ballet and you will be even further behind.

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Ballet is heart- if you have the passion then go for it! There are people that are super flexible or are amazing turners or have extension up to their ears or have amazing feet or perfect turnout, the list goes on and on..... but if they don't have the feeling with it, the THAT'S when you say "what's the point?"

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All that matters is your desire to dance. Try to focus on your love for it rather than on judging yourself or comparing yourself to others. Everyone develops in their own time and on their own schedule and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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That's okay, artist. Happens a lot. Thank you for noticing and for apologizing. :wub:

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Guest Chrysocolla

I started ballet late too but it is still really fun because I improve SO much every class. I wasn't flexible either, but I've gotten a lot better. You should definitely try it.

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If you love it, stick with it! Ballet doesn't have to have a "point" (no pun intended) It would be a shame for you to quit just because you think you aren't flexible or good enough. I respect professional, incredible dancers, but I might almost have more respect for the people who do it because they love it, and don't care if they're the best in the class. I know that's what I'm trying to achieve.


So don't give up! You'll get there if you truly love it and if you work hard with all of your passion.

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Stick with it! And as my dance teacher always says " dancing isn't always about executing the moves, but dancing them". if you love to dance, keep doing it. Some people learn faster than others so some people might learn something in a year, while it might take others 2 or 3. 15 is not to old to start, keep dancing!

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