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my cousin has been dancing for one month at the ymca in downey. she really enjoys it. ( who dosn't) :lol: but her teacher has just allowed her to go on pointe. i know this isnt good. what do i tell her. i could explain it to her. but i think coming from a proffesional dancer and aspiring student it will sink in.

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This is not only 'not good', it is criminal...or should be! :lol: In any case it is stupid, irresponsible, potentially dangerous, and the "teacher" (in quotes because no reputable ballet teacher would ever do such a thing) should be hanged! Unfortunately, it is not against the law, but it sure should be. This is not ballet training, it is YMCA dance, obviously taught by someone with no training at all. Talk to your cousins' mother, and print this post out for her.

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Whoa. That is way apalling. I totally aggree with you Miss Leigh! It SHOULD be a crime! I seriously think that she should spend some jail time for child endangerment!

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i lifeguard at a YMCA and have witnessed a few "dance classes" at the Y.

i shudder to imagine pointe being done at a community center dance class!

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I've been dancing for 7 years & I'm not on pointe yet. Only one month of "training" is hardly enough for pointe!

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