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Bloch Elastasplit?


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I have no idea where I am suposed to post this, so feel free to move or delete!


Has anyone tried this shoe? What did you think? Would toy reconmend it it to other dancers? What do teachers think about it? I ask, because it really doesn't look like a ballet slipper. Thanks for your help!

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I think you mean "Elastosplit." No, it does not look like a ballet slipper, but here's the link and a description:




The Elastosplit is the latest cutting edge ballet slipper. This new design en hances the level of aesthetic which is very important to dancers. By removing unnecessary materials it is able to improve the vision to your arch w while retaining vital foot protection and metatarsal support. This style features elastic attachments that contour the natural lines of the foot to perfection. the design uses symmetrical force to provide excellent support and security. The neoprene insert allows room for the metatarsal joints when going through demipointe. As the dancer moves, the shoe molds to the sole of their feet, hugging the arch and enhancing the line of the foot.


But I thought your foot was supposed to be completely covered in a ballet slipper. =\

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I had that shoe, but my instructor will not let us use it for shows. We can use it for barre exercises, but thats all. She thinks that it is "unpleasing to the eye."

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I tried them and hated them. I already have pretty nice feet, but if you don't have much of an arch i guess it does make that look a little better. For me they just made the top half of my foot look very wide and it moved around alot when balanceing. I wouldn't reccomend them.

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We are not allowed to use them in my ballet class, but they are used in lyrical.. I tried them, but they looked horrible! I have really wide ( "fat " lol ) feet, and they just looked horrible.

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