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I see quite a few mentions of these videos on Ballet talk and I have come across them on the web before - has anyone got them? what do you think of them? are they helpful? Also is it possible to buy them in a format that will play on UK video players?


I just wondered because I am interested in improving my flexibility and turnout and he has a session specially geared towards that...

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This is what I could find:

Finis Jung

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I too liked the look of his videos, but they are expensive and only seem to be available from his own shop. It would have been possible to order on-line, but his shipping costs to UK made it far too much, so I didn't order. My husband and I have often ordered items (CDs or DVDs) from Amazon.com when they weren't available in the UK - even on the UK Amazon site - and found the shipping costs were small. Does anyone have any experience of this or know if the Finis Jung stuff is available elsewhere. I have equipment that can play any format.

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I have quite a number of Finis' videos including his most recent technique series and pointework series. I have not done the turnout video or any that work specifically on flexibility. My favorite video is the Pirouette Class featuring Michele Wiles of ABT, who is the most incredible dancer I've ever seen in my life. This video helped me improve my pirouettes quite a bit. A year ago I just prayed and went for it when doing a single. Now I'm starting to get reasonably consistent hitting doubles.


I think the videos are really pretty good. Finis talks about things in the videos that I never heard before and has some special techniques. Most of the videos will show an exercise, repeat it in slow motion with Finis' commentary, and then do the exercise again after Finis has corrected the demonstrator (all except Michele, who needs no correcting -- he just points out why she is so awesome!). The videos are more expensive than most others, but they have recently come down in price. I would recommend getting one and just see if you like it. :shrug:


P.S. His website is the same as his name. Not sure if I'm allowed to post it.

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I am a big fan of Finis Jhung and I can't say enough good things about his videos, which I own quite a few. I have also had the good fortune of taking his classes in New York City.


Since you are interested in turnout, let me just say that I find his "Stretch, Turnout and Extension" DVD to be very good and I like to do those stretches after class. I have found my turnout and extension improved.


Recently he has started to offer a package discount deal so you might want to take advantage of it (I regret having been too impatient and made my purchases too early, LOL)!

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I too have a few Finis Jhung DVDs- I bought them from Amazon. I have a couple of barre, a centrework and the beginner pointe DVDs. I haven't purchased the turnout class but now that I have heard of it I am keen to do so!


The demonstrations of the exercises and accompanying explanations are far superior to what I have ever received in my adult ballet class. I think they are well worth the money and recommend them to other adult students who would like to practice at home.

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I love his videos, more than any others. He has a terrific way of explaining moves, positions, technique, etc. I was able to rent some of his videos on netflix. I don't know about the UK, but you can also get them used on Amazon.com (unfortunately not much of a discount), or as previously said, you could try ebay).

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I am a big fan of Finis. I have attended his teacher's workshop, and he danced with the Joffrey Ballet when my teacher from college was there.


I own several of his videos. His teaching style is similar to that which I was brought up with and continue to teach, educating dancers about why the corrections they receive in class help them, not just because the teachers says to do things a certain way. He has a very clear understanding about how dance and physics are intertwined.


Turnout is not an issue that I need assistance with myself but I do own the "Stretch, Turnout and Extension" videos, which there are two versions of- one is much older than the other which just came out maybe two years ago. The exercises would be valuable to anyone searching for ways to improve on many levels.


Though expensive, they have been an investment in my professional status. Definitely worth every cent I put into them!

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I have several of these DVDs, and I enjoy them immensely. Deep Discount DVD has many of them at a much more reasonable price than Amazon.

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I admit weakness and ordered four of his videos. Two pointe work ones, 1 of that extension, stretch, etc. and 1 of the pirouette videos. I liked what I saw of the clips of those.

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I have the stretch and extension one and the pirouette one as well. They are wonderful! I saw results very quickly after practicing regularly.

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i rented these videos from netflicks, they have almost all of them , and i beneifitted a lot from the, especially the pirouettes video...good luck!

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