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To be quite honest, I'm just trying to find any good dance programs on the West Coast and over to the Northeast, and I never considered Udub. but I figured that since the close proximity to Pacific Northwest Ballet it could possibly be a good school. I was wondering if anyone had any information about it beyond what is available on the website, anything at all would be awesome.

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I don't know anything about UW dance, but I was wondering if you looked at Cornish College of the Arts, since it is in the same area?


What other schools have you looked at on the West Coast?


I haven't seen much said here on BT4D about CalArts (I admit I haven't searched), but I am curious to read about their dance program, because I know the school has a great reputation as an art school in general, and is very focused on contemporary art.

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I did briefly think of Cornish College, however I also want to minor in Business and am also thinking of studying Physical Therapy or Sports Medicine so I can actually make some money after I get a college degree. :) What I am looking for is more of a University setting or a liberal arts college so I can get some experience with courses that would be required for someone interested in physical therapy or something along those lines. I've looked at UC San Diego, Cal State Long Beach, Arizona State, University of Arizona, Colorado State, and quite a few on the East Coast and South (well one, UTexas) as well. Of course I am being a little..optimistic with few as far as Dace Department admittance goes. I'm also aware of the schools in Oregon, just not interested.


I think there is a thread on CalArts somewhere.

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I am minoring in dance at the UW. The focus is also heavily on modern and the end of year dance recitals I have seen have been almost exclusively modern. Still there are 4 levels of ballet and most of the teachers are great. I am not sure as to the requirements for a dance major, but I am doing my minor with a heavy emphasis on ballet. Nothing special is required to minor...you just have to have completed one dance class with a satifactory grade. Classes are open to anyone enrolled in the UW, though for certain classes minors and majors are given priority (why I am minoring). Most of the classes have try outs to make sure you are in the right level.


Personally I think it is a good program for those wanting to still have acess to ballet/dance while pursuing another major, but if ballet is a huge emphasis, Cornish may be a better bet.

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Amatol, my daughter will be entering UW in the fall. She's planning to double major in dance and microbiology or chemistry. Dance is her true passion and the other major is just a means to pay the bills. Do you think a double major will be too difficult to do? Would you recommend that she minor in dance instead?

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Just stumbled upon your post and I'm curious as to how your daughter fared in the UW program with a double major in dance and a scieince. My daughter is thinking along the same lines. She's definitely classical ballet focussed, and I know that's not the empahsis as UW, but there are other reasons why that is probably where she will go. She's interested in biology and dance, but she also wants to learn Thai (her father is Thai), and there aren't many schools in the country where you can study four years for Thai language, so it seems the best option.

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Hunnibell, qltr626 was last active on the Forum about 15 months ago, so you may not get a specific answer from her. Perhaps another member will have experiences to share with you about University of Washington.


We are glad you found us and look forward to your joining our discussions and sharing your own experiences and viewpoint. Please do stop by the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself. Also do take a little time to look around our site and see what all we have to offer, drop in on discussions that interest you and add your voice. :)

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Hunnibell, I'm sorry for not seeing your post earlier. The last three years have been quite interesting for our daughter, who has decided that dance is her true passion. After her freshman year at UW, she declared a major in Dance-Creative Studies with a minor in Physiology. According to her, this is the happiest she has ever been in her journey as a dancer. The professors in the Dance Department are well-known in the dance community, not just nationally but internationally as well. Not only do they possess impressive credentials and experience as ballet and modern dancers, but they are also researchers and innovators who have published books, treatises, and articles in trade publications that have revolutionized the teaching of dance, including ballet, from an anatomical perspective. Best of all, they are excellent educators who nurture and encourage all students to appreciate all forms of movement and prepare them for their chosen careers. If you get a chance, take a look at the classes offered in the Dance Department and note the wide range of dance styles, from classical ballet to ballroom to ethnic dance studies.


It may interest you to know that UW offers a B.A. in Dance, not a B.F.A. This means that of the 180 total credits required for a Bachelors degree, 90 credits must be earned in classes in other disciplines (outside the Dance Department), in the areas of Natural World, Individuals and Societies, Composition, Visual, Literary and Performing Arts, Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning, and Foreign Language. Our daughter has one more quarter to go before graduation, and we are so glad that she is equipped with a well-rounded university education which will serve her well in future endeavors, not just in the dance world but in other fields as well.

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For the purpose of answering any future questions regarding performance opportunities at UW, there are several throughout the year. Dance majors and minors can audition to perform at the UW Chamber Dance Company annual presentation, Dance Faculty recital, MFA-Dance recital, Dance Students Association recital, and with national and international dance companies which perform at UW's Meany Hall. There are also frequent performances involving collaborations between Dance Department students and Music, DX Arts, Drama, and Costume Design students. It truly helps that Seattle has a strong, supportive, and sophisticated audience for all forms of dance as well as a thriving community of local dance companies.

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