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Yep, thank goodness I start classes on the 20th. I do have the two little ones to take care of as well, so it's not as though I'm totally lost. But you hit it on the head, just a strange empty feeling. It will be fine. It's surely an adjustment for this "newbie" residency mom. :wink:

I'll tell you, though, I certainly do not miss driving him to ballet class. I had put WAY too many miles on our car (that we are leasing!)


I think that after the frenzy of preparation, it's a feeling of "wow, he's REALLY there." It will just take some getting used to. :lol:

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Congrats to your son Dancetaxi - I do not want to even imagine the feelings you have right now!


The fastest way out of Toronto is to swim across Lake Ontario!! The traffic north, east or west is just the pits. DVP, Gardner/QEW combo and 401/407/2 are just a mess during rush hour so you were very prudent to plan ahead and beat the traffic.

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I have never had the feelings any of you are having since dd has not reached the need to leave yet. Although.... :) my non dd (the one who just got married) just informed me she and her new husband are moving to Utah! :(:crying: She is almost 23 and I am a wreck over it.

I never realized how difficult it is to let a child go...at any age. I have a completely new outlook on your sacrifices parents. :flowers: I really don't know if I could do it.

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I'm glad I found this topic. My eldest dd just went away for the first time to a residential ballet school. Not only is she away, but she just started high school as well. She is living with a billet family close to school and they seem very nice. But, I miss her terribly and have had many conversations with her this past week. Everything is going well for her. I have three other children at home (well, one will be gone next year to college) to keep me busy.

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Interesting bit of unexpected emotion today.....


I picked up dd's gift for her sixteenth birthday. As the gentleman was opening it to let me inspect it, I was overcome with emotion and the thought that I'm picking up my daughter's (only child) 16th birthday present, and I have to MAIL it to her...... :innocent:


She is very happy, and continues to be glad about where she is. I continue to be happy for her. But it's funny the things that will just punch me in the gut.


I managed to keep it all together in front of the nice gentleman who was helping me....it's just funny to wonder what will be next. :sweating:

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I know Mini Cooper, I understand. It is tough, really tough. We are giving up our needs to be with them in our homes for them to be off flourishing in a world they love. It is so difficult because they leave so young, but it makes them strong and independent. And we get to benefit in the quality of the mother/daughter relationship rather than the quantity. The years we have with our children are precious and even more so because of this. Hang in there and know you have many other Moms and Dads that are sacrificing their needs for their children as well.

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Well, 14 year old Dd arrived at residency on Tuesday, had first day of academics Wed, first day of dance Thurs and came down with the Flu Friday. ("Worst headache in her life, hurting all over, chills . . .) She ran a fever for four days. At least we now know how well the students are taken care of when ill; one more day and she would have been escorted to a pediatrician. BTW: How many with kids in residency have opted for the Meningitis vaccine?

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We took advantage of a state funded meningitis vaccine at NCSA ($13, woo-hoo!!) but unfortunately, my DD also got the stomache-flu her first week at school and was "confined" to her dorm room for a couple of days. She missed the first two placement classes as well and is now playing "catch-up" in ballet. Oh well, what can you do. Things happen. I'm just lad she got the sickness over with at the beginning of the year. (I hope)

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My DS had the meningitis vaccine four years ago, his first year away from home - $110.00 CAD. Doctor recommended it, so of course we had a one hour window to do complete physical, then get prescription, run to pharmacy to fill it, run back to clinic to have it administered...nothing is ever simple is it??? But it has been well worth the money - DS has been fairly healthy, although last year caught a whopper of a flu bug which required me to go down and spend the weekend with him. He was really sick for a week. So maybe a flu shot this year?

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DD had the meningitis vaccine her first SI away from home. Turns out there had been some cases in the city she was going to and just to be safe...Son also had the vaccine this year before starting college. My mom just wishes it was available when I was young. My brother had meningitis and is totally deaf in one ear with balance issues. He was given last rites at four years of age and wasn't home from the hospital for a month. He was lucky but the strains today are so serious we decided to not take a chance.

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Guest JustTheFacts

My physician employer feels the vaccine is a very good idea for anyone in a dorm situation. NIH/CDC had to back off its strong recommendations that everyone be mandated to get one if living in a dorm due to the fact that it is new (the new quadravalent one), only one company producing it and yes it is in short supply. If you/your physician can get your hands on it--get it. But, until manufacturing gears up, it will be in short supply.

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We did get the meningitis vaccine a couple of years ago. Her pediatrician nearly demanded that we do.


Your stories about kids getting sick soon after arriving, and getting to experience how well they're taken care of reminds me of a story. :wink:


Several years ago we had the ultimate test drive of a car. For years (when they were still imported), my husband drove Alfa Romeo's. He ordered one of the first sedans they were importing to the US. He sold his old Spider, and the next day we flew to Austin, TX to pick up the new sedan. On Saturday morning we ate breakfast @ Katz's Deli, and went accross the street to pick up our car. An hour after we picked it up, and cruised the great curvy, hilly roads around Austin, we were rear-ended at a traffic light, and our new car was totalled. There were ambulances on the scene because there had already been an accident at this new traffic light that was at the bottom of a steep hill. We rode in the ambulance to a hospital accross the street from a restaurant where we were orignally planning to have lunch with my sister. We were only slightly late for lunch!


The car protected us well in the crash. :blushing: They had to track down a new car for us, but at least we drove it long enough to know we really liked it. Margarita's for lunch eased the soreness and frustration just a bit.


Alas, I'm sorry your dd was sick, but I'm glad the school was attentive. I sorry you had to find this out so quickly in the process. :rolleyes:

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Read Ballettrocs2's post. She talks about her dd being sick soon after arriving at school. They were able to experience first hand how well the school responds to illness. I'm inferring that they could have done without the lesson, but at least they know the school is responsive.....it reminded me of the ulitmate test drive of a car we took. It was not a test drive we needed to take, but at least we knew the car was safe.


My warped sense of humor at times causes me to connect dots at time that others don't see. SORRY!

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