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Support group time!!

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:) You know, after reading the posts from all the parents, it appears that we have very resilient DKs who are able to adapt to new surroundings quite quickly and without much homesickness (so far). It seems it's we the parents who are at a loss when they leave home! :shrug:


I visited my son this past weekend, watched a master class with a guest Russian teacher on Sunday. It is a joy to see how far he has progressed over the years, starting off as a 9 yr old gardener watering the little flower girls, to a confident partner on stage. So, even though I have missed him for many years now, I feel that it was well worth the decision to send him away. What he has gained since the age of 12 is immeasurable, and not just dance training, but learning to be a mature, responsible teenager who can cook for himself, do his own laundry and stay organized with his workload. Now, when I leave him to drive home, my heart is not as sad as it used to be. :speechless:

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DancemomCA - I believe our children attend the same ballet school, but my daughter is in her first year. She had the Russian ballet teacher for the past two Saturdays and absolutely loved the classes!

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:shrug: Hi 5678, yes, our kids do attend the same school...my DS loved his class too - very fast, long demanding barre/centre work that had them sweating after plies! It was great to see all the lovely dancers again, returning and new!
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