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Audition Tips??


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Hey. I've never really done anything big before in the dancing world so I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or hints when auditions for colleges or even just something simple like workshops? Any specific hair or makeup tips...Or ideas to 'hide' not-too-great turnout and facial expressions? I'd appreciate anything you can tell me!!

Thanks a lot people!

LY x

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Watching some ballet videos will help you get the idea about presentation and might help you to improve yours. As for hair and make up - definitely a neat bun for your hair and not excessive make-up, just enough to show accent your features I would say! You can't hide less than perfect turnout, just keep working to get it as good as you can - making sure you don't stand facing croise too far helps as this can make you look turned in and if you're facing de cote really work on turning out as it'll be very obvious if you're not!


What does LY mean?


(sorry, just realised I'm not meant to post in this forum, moderators please delete if necessary!)

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I think it will be OK to let it stay, and LY means (I think) "luv ya".

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Also, if the audition requires a certain dress code make sure you follow it! :thumbsup: Many good dancers are rejected from progams for not following the dress code!

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stand in the front because even the best dancers can go unnoticed standing in the back and secondly don't try to do anything fancy just keep it simple but do what you can really well

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