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Guest costumier

Hi all,


We will probably be moving for my husband's work next year, and at the moment Knoxville looks like a possibility.


DD is very anxious at the thought of leaving her ballet teacher. Can anybody advise me of the situation re ballet schools in Knoxville?


DD is talented and passionate, but not perfect physically for ballet, so she is realistic about the chances of professional dancing. However she wants a ballet-related job and is keen to go as far as she can. At the moment she is doing RAD and Vaganova method with an ex-Bolshoi teacher. She is 13 and just starting on the Intermediate stage. She doesn't have a lot of showy tricks but her basic training is solid and she is very musical and artistic, and her mime has a lot of personality. She especially loves character work, so she could be interested in folk troupes as well. She is also interested in the production side of ballet, so her teacher involves her in choreography, costume design etc. She likes lots of feedback but she is quite sensitive so no dragon teachers please!


Thanks for any and all advice. :)

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I live around that area (East Tennessee), but not in Knoxville. I've heard of a couple of dance schools there, Tennessee Conservatory of Ballet (i think?) is another. If you really want the low-down, head to The Dancer's Shoppe, a ballet store that has the BEST pointe shoe fitters and styles. They are very knowledgable about the best schools around the area. Good Luck!

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Tn conservatory is great. I know some people who can attest. Studio Arts is great as well. TN Conservatory treats their girls really well. The environment is great. I can't really speak about Studio Arts however my friends who attend like it. :)



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