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Guest WhySoBlooPandaBear?

Hi, how many pirouettes is a women capable of, would you estimate? In White Nights I saw Mikhail Baryshnikov do 11, but he's a man- and an unusually strong man at that.

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Not to say Mr. Baryshnikov could not/did not do 11 pirouettes, but please remember that what you see in the movies may not always be the way it seems. As for number of pirouettes, how about thinking more of the quality of pirouettes. It is not important how many times one goes around, it is important how one looks while going around.


Asking dancers you are unable to see, how many pirouettes they can do can be quite deceptive since you do not know how they look while they are going around, unless you are in the classroom with them. :D

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My friend knew a girl who could do 15 (good) pirouettes, but I think to some extent it doesn't really matter. I don't think I've seen a woman do more than four onstage. The world record is 37, but they're turned-in, jazz-style pirouettes and were done with a tap shoe. I'd rather do much fewer, but classically acceptable pirouettes. :D

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When will you ever have enough music to do that many pirouettes? The most I have ever seen was 8 that a girl who is in ABT's Studio Company did (on my friend's camera). Quality over quantity.

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its better to have 2 pretty and perfect pirouettes than 8 sloppy pirouettes.


i picked the numbers at random, just trying to let you guys see my point.

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