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In the long run what will happen?


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feel free to move this, i was not sure where to post it.


I feel that this is a common issue in studios and would just like to put this out there for other dancers to read.


There is a girl that has been in my classes with me since grade 2 and she is 2 years younger than me but, she is a little devil.

She was always mean to me and I guess maby jelous because I was quiet and the teacher liked me becasue I was nice and somewhat talented.

She always has to be number one in dance and is the gossip queen. She is very full of herself and thinks shes the best dancer and so does her mother.


I think this is common in studios to have girls like this but, I was wondering if they make it as professionals with their attitudes?

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I really think that those types of people will always be the ones to quit. We have a girl in my class who has little talent. I know that it sounds mean and all, but it is kind of true. If the conbination is new and she can't do it, instead of raising her hand and asking the teacher, she will do an old conbination or no conbination at all. Or durring pointe class (I do not think that she should of been put en pointe at all) she'll start crying in the middle of class and will glare at the teacher because she makes her finish the conbination. My teacher really can't tell her to leave the studio because we need the buisness. My friend and I always remind ourselves if we are having a hard time that the weak will always quit. And to be quite honest I hope that that will be soon. I hope that this post hasn't seemed to harsh, because I am not meaning for it to be that way.

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That happened to the girl at my studio who was nasty- she left! YAY! The atmosphere is so much more relaxed since she's gone. There is a girl who has a bad attitude about working hard, so my teacher says, leave the room. because she gives him lip... some people are unbelieveable! There's another girl who's quite harmless- but, for instance, if the combination's hard, she'll just goodnaturedly sit on the side- because she doesn't want to. No injury, oh no!

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I've seen some interesting people- but nothing like you guys are describing.....wow! I guess I've been lucky!

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My dd had a situation before the last recital wherein a girl told dd that dd had the solo part in dance-and it wasn't fair because dd always gets the good parts, etc...it turns out the girl actually had the solo but she wanted to rub it in to dd. I took it harder than dd...she is still friends with the girl, whereas I wanted to...never mind! I've been dying to tell someone this! While I'm on a roll, this girl also says periodicaaly things like--"Are you going to sit with the babies" when dd will sit with the shy girls when stretching...I can say these things here because no one knows who I'm talking about!!

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Girls are just nasty! (ok. we all here are nice. it's those other girls who are nasty) when i went to an audition for a SI, there were 2 girls from the same studio, and the older, more experienced one absolutely ignored the younger, shy one. I and warmed up with the girl- I was disgusted with the other girl's behavior!


On the other hand, I have been on the giving end of this on rare occasions. nothing quite that dramatic, but a little[/l] not nice!




the boys are just either goofy (like the guy at my SI who stole my nametag) or nice (like the one who helped me during my first partnering class) or indifferent (like this other guy. he was SO bored during partnering. it was depressing)


girls just resist being catergorized!!!!!!!

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Guest Danielle!

I feel like this happens to everyone in any sport because sports and dance are very competive. There is this one girl in my studio who is in my class and thinks shes the best because shes been dancing longer then the rest of us even though were all in a beginner ballet one class.

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Danielle, I think you hit it on the nose...ballet is competitive and insecurities can bring out the worst in people . I think the problems with this girl probably just stem from insecurities. So I sit down with dd and we have a conversation about why people do certain things and what her appropriate response should be. These are good lessons and they certainly build character, which is a big part of the whole journey...so maybe I should thank that girl for giving us the opportunity to build character and have deep conversations about character and values!!

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:o Parents, please be aware of what forum you are reading. This is the Young Dancer's forum. Basically, parents may read, but not post. :wub:
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omg yeah there are two girls who got Clara at my studio and now they think they're they best out of their group when really they're a year older than everyone

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Guest Danielle!

I keep re-reading this thread over and over. It makes me wish that simply something could be done with girls like these. Yet I realize this is highly impossible.



Too bad we couldnt ducktape there mouths so they dont have the bad attuides etc.

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