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I need variation help...


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I'd like to do a solo variation in our gala at school this year, my teacher said if I found one she'd help me with it. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I can't do pointe anymore, but it could be a solo that's usually done en pointe and I can just do it on flat. I was thinking I'd do one of the fairies in the Sleeping Beauty but I'm not really sure since it might look weird off pointe. I want to wear a classical tutu, so if there's any good variations that have one could you recommend it? I love adagio (it's my strong point) and I'm a good turner and fairly good jumper. any help would be great.

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I would really hesitate to do a Sleeping Beauty fairy since those variations are all about pointework--all kinds of hops on pointe, etc.


Really the best choice I can think of would be Cupid from Don Quixote. However, that usually has a little tunic for a costume, not a tutu. Another option might be the girl's variation from Bournonville's Flower Festival--the one with all the brises. Again, that's not a classical tutu variation, maybe a little knee-length dance dress.


I don't want to break your heart, but in my opinion a classical tutu and flat shoes look a bit silly. Of course the final decision would be up to your teacher, though. Best of luck finding a variation to perform!

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Kelly, I agree with dancer5 on this one. Pointe variations performed made for tutus do not look right in soft shoes. Other variations, like the ones she mentioned, would be better. The Flower Festival variation is lovely, and could work in soft shoes, but not with a classical tutu.

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