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Oh, :wacko: !! I'm sure there was a thread on here somewhere with links to good videos for boys, including Daniil's, and I can't find it. Anyway, I was u-tubin' with my sons, and look what I found!


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Why do you guys all get talking in the middle of the night (here at least). It is 12:15 and my little girl will wake me up at 7:00am so I have got to go to bed! Night night. :wacko:

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When seeking Daniil's website, just search on members. A link to his site is part of his signature line.

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The" Born to Be Wild" documentary video/DVD about the four top men from ABT is amazing and a MUST for aspiring male dancers. The dancing and the interviews are truly inspiring. I'm still trying to decide who I like best!

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Wonderful video! I loved the choreography and the music fit perfectly. Alex Wong was always one of my favorite dancers when he was with the Studio Company...he's so talented in every respect. He dances with such passion and that's what I love so much!


I'm passing this on to my son as I know he'll really enjoy watching this. He and Alex still remain friends from their Studio Company days. Thanks for posting this one! Tango :(

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I certainly will and thanks for asking! Actually my older son (a technical writer) wants to create a website for his brother with pictures and videos. I just need to keep urging him to move abit more quickly as it's been in the process for awhile. They are very close as brothers go so I know it will be a labor of love once it's finished! Tango

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I'm glad I found this thread again...as I promised to post again when my son 's website is up and running... well it's finally up and running! I've seen others post new websites here but I'm not sure if it is still allowed so I won't post the link but it is easy to find under his name Joseph Gatti.


New pictures and videos will be on shortly but for now there is a nice video of him and Adiarys Almeida rehearsing Victoria Morgan's new R&J in the Cincinnati studios (link to video posted near the end of the Guest Book by Renee Micheo)


For all the male dancers (females too!) who have gotten to know Joseph over the years...please don't hesitate to check out his new website and leave a comment as I know he'd love to hear from you!






I've reread the rules and it does seem fine to post the link:



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Tango - I agree - Joseph's site is wonderful! Congratulations! What a neat collaboration between your boys -


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Gracey and dcportrait...Thanks so much for your comments and much appreciated too! I hesitated abit to post this (being his mom!) but felt I owed it to him to atleast try to get the word around. I'm glad that you both think the sight looks great! Thanks Again...Tango

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Thank you Tango, I've been hearing so much about him from so many people, it's great to see his site ... we will be watching for the photos and videos! And it was very interesting to hear of the film "The Male Ballet Dancer" ... lots of people on the Parents of Boys should be interested in that one! You must be very proud of both your boys, and should be! :thumbsup:

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