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Songs/Music for End of year concert


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My teacher has asked for my help to choose the opening number for this years concert.


Any suggestions? She wants something BIG.

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Well, first of all I pretend no choreographic expertise what so ever. Nevertheless, I do have some thoughts. First, since this is an adult dance board, I assume all the dancers are adults. I also assume that at least there is a general choreographic structure to this dance that fits the capabilities of the dancers. Whomever is choosing the music needs to know that general structure and the dancer capabilities.


Second, you need to know if you are going to use live or recorded music. If live, you have to consider the capabilities of whoever is playing the music. I would suggest sitting with the musicians and talking about the general structure and soliciting their ideas. Listen to a little of what they suggest to see if it fits your choreographic notion. By the way I would strongly urge live music as long as it is well played. Solo instrument is fine. If using recorded music, I assume you already have some notion of the kind of music you will need—style, length, tempo, and so on. Then it is just a matter of listening—to a lot. Visualize the dance as you listen. Keep listening to different things until you find something where you can visualize the dance itself. By the way, that visualization technique applies to using live music as well.


In the end it is the choreographer’s intuition that matters.


I wouldn’t worry about “big.” I would worry about how the music and movement work together into a dance.

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Hi just having watched my daughter's concert last weekend I was very impressed with the theme - Musicals. The music used was from cats, phantom of the opera, my fair lady, chicago and the younger ones did Mary Poppins. The masquerade song when coupled with the seniors dance was really spectacular. The audience seemed to really enjoy it as most of the music was well known. Jellicle Cats also went over well as it is an energetic song.

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knock, knock- parent here

You don't say what type of music you are looking for but since it says songs/music I am assuming it does not have to be classical ballet. music So hence my suggestion.

The music from West Side Story is great dance music. If you get the original broadway cast CD there are several 'bonus' tracks of what they call dances. Some of the music is very big, more like showy musical theatre, but others are very symphonic. It would also have the benefit of being familiar without common. (At least in the US of an age range).

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well it looks like it might be something out of The Producers. so definately a musical number.


It isnt just adult dancers but all the students from intermediate upwards. (actually im the only adult student)

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Just read this thread appleblossom and it doesn't look like you have found a piece yet. My suggestion would be to ask your teacher for a theme for the music she would like to use. A musical theme has been suggested above but it could be anything. The theme for our show this year is disney - which sounds a bit cheesey but has actually come up with some really good music for us. "The Circle of Life" - my particular favourite - will be used for the finale and its BIG - really, really, BIG!

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Completely out of left field, she has decided on the Hallelujah Chorus from Handels Messiah. But a contemporary pointe piece.


Bring on the fun!!! :shhh:

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With its strong association with Easter, you may end up with some criticism over mixing the sacred and the profane. Although in Commonwealth countries they are more familiar than in the US, I would suggest something with a less-frequently heard connection - the first of the Handel "Coronation Anthems". The text is no less scriptural, but from 1 Kings rather than Revelation:


Zadok, the priest, and Nathan, the prophet, anointed Solomon King.

And all the people did rejoice, and say,

Long live the King!

God save the King!

May the King live forever!

Amen! Hallelujah!


(It takes a lot longer to sing this. They repeat themselves a lot!)

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