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What do pre-pro dancers wear in class?

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For my evaluation I was told I could wear anything I wanted, but I was curious about what pre-pro students usually wear in their classes.I know at my dolly dinkle studios we could basically wear whatever we wanted.I usually wear a black leo w/ a skirt and of course tights.There is no color coding of leos by level at my dolly dinkle studios, is there at pre-pro ones?

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:) Basically you just wear a leo, tights, shoes and hair in a bun. The color and style of the leo depends on what pre-pro school you're in and what level of training you are in. I like the fact that there are different colored leos for each level, it looks very professional. I think that looking in at a Dolly Dinkle studio and just seeing everyone wear whatever they want with their hair everywhere, it looks sloppy. :ermm:
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so you are not allowed to wear a skirt or warm up shorts? what about those knit warm up tights?

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Sometimes a skirt in pointe or variations class (depending on the teacher), but not for technique. We can wear the shorts and knit tights to warm up in, but once class starts, they have to come off. :P

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Guest alicia71384

At my school, each pre-pro level wears a different color leotard. We wear pink tights of course, hair in a bun, and a skirt depending on the teacher. For pointe, my class is required to wear a practice tutu.

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My school has a different color leo per level, but I also know of schools with everyone in black leo. Always pink tights and slippers and hair in a bun. Skirts and shorts=definitely never allowed until advanced pointe, you can then wear a small wrap skirt.

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Most pre-pro schools have websites that detail things such as dress code and class schedule. Check out the ones you are interested in and you should be able to find more definite information there. I don't know what we did before the web.

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At my dance studio for class we must where black leo, pink tights, hair in a bun, and shoes. For rehersals we are allowed to where colored leotards, and warm ups are allowed for plies when it is cold and for people with injuries.


Karlin :)

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At my pre-professional school, we had required leotards and tights. The leotards were color-coded per level. When prospective students auditioned, they were expected to wear the following: Pink tights, a black (or at least solid-colored) leotard, and ballet slippers. They were supposed to wear their hair in a bun, and not wear jewelry (except small, stud-type earrings). Sad as it is, we usually could tell who would make it before they danced a step. Here are things that can make someone auditioning at a pre-pro school or for a college look and feel out of place:


Wearing the pink tights over the leotard instead of under it

Having undergarments showing

Being asked to take off the scrunchies, bows, jewelry, etc., that are not typically allowed in that environment

Wearing an embellished leotard (strappy, bowed, sparkly, velvety, etc.)


Some pre-pro schools allow or require skirts, but often only for certain classes, like pointe or variations classes. Some pre-pro schools allow warm-ups, but in moderation. Mine sometimes allowed pink KDdids or legwarmers, but only at the teachers' discretion, and only for the first few exercises.


Here's a reality: If a student has what it takes, no school worth its salt will turn that student down based on looks. That said, looking the part never hurt anyone, and certainly can ease a new student's acceptance.

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We don't have much of a dress code outside of leo, tights, bun, the usual. Skirts are definitely ok but I've been asked to remove my leg warmers before, it seems they can have a negative effect on the teacher being able to see what you are doing, so I suggest not wearing those.


If you are auditioning, I'd honestly stick with a plain black leo, pink tights under the leo, and slippers with hair in a bun (and no scrunchies or special decorations). Nothing more, nothing less.

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My dd's school leo's are specific style and color coded to each level, even the pre-ballet kids have a set color (only creative movement gets some flexiblity as long as it is pink). Euro pink tights, pink shoes with ribbons sewn on for all above pre-ballet. Heair in bun, no bangs, no jewelry except small earrings. No scrunchies, no bows. Leg warmers and sweaters are usually OK for warm up, but not during class itself. Except this winter was sooooo cold, two of the studios just never seemed to get warm and the teachers generally allowed people to leave sweaters on during barre.

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We are allowed to wear a black princess seamed leotard, pink tights, pink shoes, shorts (as long as they are not baggy), and hair in a bun.

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Shorts? Yikes! I hate the look of those things. Would never allow it in my classes.

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