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Amanda Schull


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I just checked SFB's new roster and she is no longer listed with the company. She's been in the corp since she started there in 2000. maybe being in the corp for 5 years wasn't worth staying in the company. Anyone know where she is now??????

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I had to check this one out since I grew up in Hawaii and my daughter and I met her at Macy's in Honolulu when she was there to perform in 2003. We both went to the same schools (Punahou and Indiana University) but I'm a bit older. :ermm:


According to the Ballet Talk site SFB announced her retirement back in April, I believe. It doesn't say what she plans to do.



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I heard that Amanda Schull is in California.


Edited: Sorry, I should not have stated this as fact because I heard the information from a friend. I would delete this post, but don't know how.

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Thank you Betsy, I'll have to read that article.


Do you have a link of this article? That would be fab :P

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Folks -


If you go to http://www.sfballet.org


Then, news and releases, and in April her retirement was announced.


Also, to keep track of your favourite dancers, the sister board is a great resource.


Hold on, I'll check both places and provide the links here.


ETA links:




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Oh that's nice to watch her final bow. I wish the quality of the video were better...

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Aww! I can't believe she retired! :( She was my favorite female dancer too! Hopefully she isn't permanently retired. Maybe she'll join another company. :)

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She is permanently retired. After several years of injuries she has decided to persue other avenues. From the horse's mouth people.

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I was going to write her a letter telling her how much I loved her dancing and other things, so I was going to send it to the San Francisco Ballet hoping that they would redirect it to her. But now that she's not with them and she isn't going to be dancing with another company, I don't know how to get in touch with her. :thumbsup: Do I just send it to the San Francisco Ballet and hope they have her forwarding address or is there some other way to send her a letter? :D Anyone that has any advice will be appreciated.

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Guest pink tights

I'm sure the nice folks at the SFB would be happy to forward your letter. Besure to write your return address--if they are unable to forward, the USPS will send it back to you.

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To update, Amanda Schull has been doing quite a bit of acting. Her credits include: One Tree Hill, Hawaii Five-O, Castle, Bones, Pretty Little Liars, Lie to Me, and many more. Not too bad for a post-ballet career!

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