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washed out first time back


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I was posting here a year ago when I first tried returning to ballet as an adult. I had some fun taking classes at BDC and Steps for a couple months, but then I strained my knee and stopped going to class. I assume this was from doing too much too fast, and forcing turnout. In the meantime, I've been to a lot of ABT and NYCB performances. That and the fact that I have become too sedentary is prompting me to try again.


The same issues exist. If I don't change my technique to adjust to my physical limitations, I will definitely injure myself. So I'm a little afraid. Ego, perfectionism, and ignorance of proper placement are all obstacles. In the past week I started a gentle stretching and strengthening routine at home. I wonder if it is best to limit myself to floor barre or Pilates at first.


I decided to post for the same reason people tell others they plan to quit smoking—to shame me into keeping my resolution.

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It sounds like a good idea to begin with Floor barre and Pilates! :o

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You need to find a good teacher who can pay attention to you and is good at body mechanics. Sometimes teachers who injured themselves seriously as dancers and then managed to make their way back can be good for this. You really have to try around, try to read teacher bios, and find one who can help you.


I would suggest looking NOT at Steps or BDC, but at maybe Ballet Arts or Ballet Academy East, which have a more familial atmosphere. Really, start with BAE, see if you work well with any of their teachers. I would also go to John Prinz at least once, see how that is --- he's currently teaching Sundays at Steps at 11am.

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beck_hen -- I LOVE Melissa Rodnon's class at Ballet Adademy East. The studios are wonderful, and she is so patient and encouraging with adult dancers (especially beginners).


You can download the schedule here. She teaches an intro class Sundays from 1-2:30pm. I really can't sing her praises enough. If you have any questions, let me know!



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I second Ashatnyc's rec of Melissa Rodnon :P ; she spotted right away that I was coming back from an injury and I really noticed in the few classes I was able to take with her that she focused a lot on body mechanics and proper technique within the limitations of a lot of different capabilities.

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I enjoyed Kathy Sullivan`s Adv. Beg and Beg. classes at STEPS-

she was extremely friendly, gave me tons of corrections and helped people work with physical limitations a lot.

And the classes are full of adult beginners- though some pros may sneak in as well accasionally to polish up placement and basic technique.

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