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Split-sole or solid?


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I just found out that for my ballet class in the fall I need a split-sole ballet shoe, which means I have to buy new shoes. I was just wondering if there is any difference between dancing or learning with a split-sole ballet shoe than with a solid sole. I hate to buy new shoes because the ones I have now are worn in and comfortable from the past year or two of using them, so I just wanted to make sure I was buying new shoes for a good reason. I wasn't aware of any difference in having a split or solid sole, so if there is I am interested in the reason. thanks :P

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I actually have to wear full sole ballet slippers because my teacher feels like it makes us work our feet better. But split soles usually make your feet look a lot nicer. So they're really good for auditions too!

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Some teachers have their students to wear full sole for the first few years of training, then soem chose to graduate to split sole. I use both. It is am on and off thing. I have had these full sole ones for 3 years and looked just as arched and nice as my split sole. I mght add that they are very dirty, so I don't use them all the time.

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If you are worried about them not being comfortable then you should definetly go for canvas.

I love BLOCH as their shoes are lovely and soft and their split soles are sooo comfy. :o

hope this helps DFLx3.

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Thanks for all you replies :shrug: I didnt think there was a huge difference, but I understand what your all saying. I'm probably just going to get the split-sole anyway, but still use my full sole ones occassionally. Thanks again!

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I absolutley love capezio canvas split sole- it so soft on the inside! and the inside sole never bunches up- i love it


I also think split sole gives your foot a prettier looking line

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i used to have solid sole ballet shoes and i found that i couldn't really see my arch, even when i pointed my foot.

now i have spilt-sole canvas shoes and i think that they are more comforable and show my feet better.

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