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I love Pointe magazine and would love to work for them in research or photography. What kind of education do you need to work for a magazine like them???? And designing costumes for companies, do you have to a degree in design/fashion to get a job designing tutus??????? What about working in the office of a company, selling tickets, advertising?

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Companies and publishers often list job opportunities on their web sites. You can also contact their administrative offices to inquire about what jobs are available (paid and volunteer) and what their prerequisites are.

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You can also contact their administrative offices to inquire about what jobs are available (paid and volunteer) and what their prerequisites are.


If you do this in person, it's called an 'informational interview'. It can often serve as a leg up in the job hunt. Interviews like this landed jobs for both my husband and me. In my husband's case, he applied for a job many years after this initial chat -- same interviewer, different organization -- and said, "You probably don't remember me, but ..." and the interviewer said, "Oh yes I do," and reminded him of all the things they had talked about in that first visit. In my case, after a brief chat the person asked if I had brought a resume; there was a position available, and applications were due that very afternoon!

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If you are really interested in magazine writing and you want to go to college, you should probably pursue a journalism degree, or possibly English. Some colleges, such as Indiana, allow you to concentrate on photojournalism as well. I do note that many of the articles in Pointe and Dance Magazine are written by freelance writers rather than staff writers.


There are degrees available in arts administration as well and dance major/ arts administration combinations if you are interested in administrative or fundraising positions.


Someone else will have to comment on costume design - I do know a couple of alumni from my daughter's residential school that are doing this. I believe one went to design school after finishing her ballet career but I'm not sure about the other one.


Good luck to you!

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Designing costumes would require a fashion degree, make sure you take lots of drapeing classes.

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