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When are Nutcracker auditions?


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Last Saturday for under 16, company positions. Over 16, paid company, TBD (read: When we get our grant money! :)). Children's roles, September 16.


No swim meets to contend with this year (swimming child off to college), so I'm actually looking forward to the madness this year.

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Our Nut auditions start Sept 10th for Junior Comp., Sept 16th for children, and Sept 17th for Senior Comp. Our practices start on September 30th! I have already been hearing the countdown of days till auditions! My husband is already playing the CD! It seems to me Nut comes faster every year.

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Guest pink tights

Last year dd auditioned early September for Nut w/ professional company (they take community children, not just dk's attached to the school). Dd was not w/ the company school--instead she was at a school that started out good--but slowly descended into dinkledom. Over the summer, she changed to a small pre-pro (BALLET only!!) school that has a youth ballet. Children take placement classes in order to enter the school, so there is no Nut audition....but casting will be posted in a few weeks!!

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Our Nut auditions are September 11, for children and boys. Company roles and parts for older non-company dancers are cast by the AD.


Looking forward to it all....these are memories we are making with our kids.

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Gosh, it's that time again! Our swan is still sitting in the studio hallway and we just finished mending the snow and party scene costumes!! Auditions with us are Sept 9. No more free weekends until January.

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Guest pink tights

One thing I really love about Nut rehearsals......Last year, driving to and from rehearsals (and chaperoning) got me out of: raking leaves, husbands 'business-related' social gatherings, a college football game.....


Now back to the topic....

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Our auditions are Sept 16 and the kids are cast the same day. Most of the young dancers are cast according to height and costume requirements. Upper level dancers vie for Clara.

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I noticed my DS was playing his Nutcracker CD while brushing his teeth last night! Our auditions for the company Nutcracker aren't until mid-October with casting being posted soon after. DS will also be part of a youth ballet nutcracker, but I am not sure when we learn about casting for that production.


Merde to all who are auditioning this season!

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