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What do you call various studios?


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I keep reading different names such as "pre-pro school", "company-affiliated school", "professional school", etc and I was wondering what these terms mean. Can someone clue me in to what these terms mean? For example, my son is moving from a local dance school to a ballet school affiliated with a professional company. What do I call this type of school when I post here? Thanks!

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I would venture to state that all of those terms mean the same thing: a ballet school whose primary purpose is producing professional dancers. Some of them are affiliated with companies (School of American Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet School, Washington School of Ballet, &c) and others are not (Walnut Hill, Harid Conservatory, Nutmeg Conservatory). While these schools may offer classes for those who are either not interested in pursuing a professional career or not physically suited for professional ballet, that is not their main focus, as opposed to a recreational school (which can still offer very good training).

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Guest pink tights

To further confuse--some schools attached to professional companies have two divisions: a pre-professional track and a dance division. The dance division may offer tap, jazz, and modern in addition to ballet--but these classes are strictly recreational and are usually only offered on a once a week basis. The professional track students generally only take ballet and modern, with pilates or other conditioning classes time/studio space permitting.

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:yes: Oh, don't get me wrong pink tights - his school is wonderful and he is STILL eager at age 16, to get back to his dance studies. Back to the original question though, I think slhogan, any of those terms would be fine to use - most BTers would understand. As pink tights noted earlier, my DS's school is a pre-professional or professional full-time training school, not company affliated, but the school also offers a recreational program in the late afternoon, early evening and weekends. The full-time students dance in the afternoons, following early release from their academic schools. Other Canadian schools, company affliated, also run large excellent dance/less intensive (for want of better term) programs as well as their full-time ballet programs.
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:yes: I simply call them "Money Pits" Writing tuition checks today...


Love it!


Okay, so what I understand is that "pre-pro schools" and "pro schools" are basically the same thing and they refer to a school whose primary purpose is to train future professional ballet dancers. These schools may or may not be affiliated with a company. Correct me if that's wrong. I'm just still trying to figure out the lingo of ballet parents and don't want to say the wrong thing.


On that note, my son just had his first day at a pre-pro school and loved it (he goes for one hour 2x a week). That was a big load off my shoulders because I was afraid he'd walk down those stairs after class and say, "nah-- I want to go back to my old dance school." The atmosphere was different than I am used to-- very formal but very friendly. He likes the idea of wearing a uniform, got a kick out of the pianist, was thrilled to see older dancing boys/men casually walking around in their dance clothes, and *especially* loved looking in the window of the studio where the company members were rehearsing. I think we made a good choice. Yeah! I'm very glad members of this board encouraged us to audition there.


He's the only boy in his ballet class, but he said he was okay with that because he is still going to a jazz class at his old school and he has guy friends there.

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Guest pink tights

dancemomCA--Oh I understood what you meant and from reading your posts, I know your ds is in an excellent program!! Tuition is a money pit--but now dd will get what we are paying for.

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