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Bear in mind that information of that sort will be considered gossip, unless it comes from an official source with some connection to the company. And gossip gets deleted.

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Does anyone know if LAB and City Ballet (NY)...are sharing company members? Maria K., Benjamin M., Nikolas M. + the others highlighted at the very top; which I am assuming are the principals, are still on the roster at NYCB...Any insights? Is this the way of the future? Just a thought....Also, the pay scale for the LA company is not comparable to NY, so are the NY dancers perhaps guesting? Thanks...



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I am guessing they are guest artists too. I wonder if those dancers would actually leave NYCB for LA Ballet. I also wonder if it is Maria Korowski they are talking about on there and if so I would be nice if they spelt the name of the ballerina correctly.


Artsluvr: you may need to empty your cache and reload the page as from what I can see it is all up there now.

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And Artem Shpilevsky just joined the Bolshoi over the summer - so I'd assume he's a guest as well.

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Artsluvr: you may need to empty your cache and reload the page as from what I can see it is all up there now.


I am also unable to view the company dancers, even though I could a week ago. Everything else on this site comes up for me (artistic directors, board members, etc). I was wondering if perhaps they were updating the company dancers, and that's why it wasn't viewable?

Not very computer savvy here, I "emptied my cache", but to no avail -


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I clicked on the link above and it came right up. :yes:


Yes, the link works. Unfortunately, in going to their web site, I can no longer get the "dancers" to come up. It may be that they are working on updating bios, etc.

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When you go to the website, click on News, then Company, then Dancers. It should come up. Or just use the link posted above. For some reason if you go straight to Company and then to Dancers you get an older version without the dancers' names. :)

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