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Hair: Cut it short or leave it long


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I want to get my hair cut. I don't have a problem with it being too short to put in a bun, but will that matter when I audition for Nutcracker. I have really thick hair so it's hard to get in a bun now and it's really poofy at the ends when it is down. Any suggestions would be welcome and thanks in advance.

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I would imagine that it would depend on the role you are auditioning for in Nutcracker. If the role requires the hair to be in a bun, I would think very seriously about not cutting it. If you do cut it, what do you plan to do with it for classes?

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My friend has really thick hair- instead of getting it chopped off, she just got it thinned out so it was easier to get into a bun.

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Knock. Knock ! Parent here! DD has long thick hair also that is hard to put in a bun. Her hair reaches past her shoulder blades so she gets really long layers put in to reduce bulk and also gets it thinned. First layer starts at just past chin length so the front of her hair will fit into the bun and then the hair gradually gets longer from there to the back. Tutumonkey


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How short do you want to go? If you leave enough to get it into a stubby little ponytail then you can always put a fake hairpiece on top when you need to have a bun for performances. A couple of the girls in my company do that when their hair is too short for a bun. You just need to make sure that you can keep it neatly gelled into a high ponytail.

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That is so strange dancej. But I guess its a good idea to use fake hair to have an 'instant bun' whenever you want.

Hang on if a hair piece is just the same as a wig i say no way wigs are just strange, icky. :thumbsup:

So what about the hairpiece Tynee dancer ?:D

I had really long hair then I got it cut shoulder length and it is fine to put in a bun but you should pull the pins into the bun (get some hair pull out then scoop in again) and use lots of gel or spray though gel is more effective on short hair (just my opinion). :unsure:

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Don't cut your hair!!


My hair goes down half way down my behind... and it's VERY thick. I used to have a terrible time getting it to stay up. I use a lot of hair glue (made by DEP). I put it in a high pony tail, with two eastics (I hate ti when they snap). Then I separate my hair and put glue on each of the three strands. Then I braid it. And I glue down the hair on top of my head. I coil the braid around the two elastics, and put bobby pins in as I go. So I end up with a lot of layers. It's really funny, other girls, because they are incredulous that I can put it up myself!!!!!!!




(if i may be so bold, I can do it in the car on the way to dance, too! hehe)

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Thinning and long layers sound good, the hard part about buns is even when I've had my teacher do my bun the bobby pins fall out. They just don't stay in. Thanks for al the advice. :thumbsup:

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For buns hair pins are far better than bobby pins, and the bigger the hair pins, the better. Then you need a hair net too. And lots of gel and spray for the front and back, to prevent whispies. Many teachers and directors are very fussy about hair being correct in class and certainly for an audition.

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Hair extensions do work great. My daughter had cut her hair and was cast as a mermaid in Peter Pan. She needed long hair. We looked in to extensions at beauty salons and they were quite expensive. We then went to a wig shop and purchased comb/snap in extentions at 1/3 the cost of the beauty salon. She now wears them when she feels like changing her look for the day. She has fun with them and they look great even up close.


Sorry - I was not paying attention to the forum I was viewing. I should not have posted here, but do not know how to delete the entire post.

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I have hair that comes just past my chest and I love it this length. I have very thick hair so it gets really hot if it is not up, but it's still easy to manage. I cut it to where it was just past my chin once, but I found out that it is such a pain! It was hard for me to get it into a ponytail because it was layered, but I did have a fairly decent bun! I know girls that have really short, layered hair and they just slicked it back into a stub of a ponytail. Then they went to a beauty place, and bought a fake hair thing that you usually put around your bun or ponytail that matched their hair color. Then they put a hairnet around it and pinned it to their head either high or low depending on what piece we were doing. I've also had my hair just to my butt, but it is very hard to manage and put up! Let us know what you decide! :yes:

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