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Ballet schools in Canada - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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Well, Im officially accepted to my grad studies program at USask, so Im off in a couple of weeks... very sad to leave beautiful British Columbia for 7 months of snow a year :( . I'm looking for a school/studio in Saskatoon with adult classes, or one that will let you take class with the teens or kiddies. I havent been able to find ANYTHING on the internet, I hope this doesnt mean Im moving to a ballet black-hole. :dry:


I have looked at the Uni, they have a few classes but I hope to find more...

If I could just find a good place, Id have no worries about moving :thumbsup:


So anyone know any non-Dinkle places? I think Ive found a couple of Dinkles, but I dont want to go down that route.... :wub:

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Sashinka, according to this thread you are indeed moving to a ballet black hole :





It included a very good link from cbmr





and here's another I found :





but we really couldn't find anything there either for Sask. It looks like you would actually be lucky to find a Dinkle. If you've been dancing at HarbourDance in Vancouver there doesn't appear to be anything remotely like it in Canada. I guess we're lucky! If you find anything, let us know, if not, contact The Honourable Beverley J. Oda!!! :thumbsup:

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I also have been searching and asking around. Unfortunately I have also come up blank. It is looking pretty bleak. I suspect there may be some smaller RAD schools, as I can't imagine Saskatoon without any ballet..

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Oh dear, its looking grim :crying:


How awful is that.....stuck inside more than 1/2 the year and the darn place has no ballet?? :thumbsup:


cbmr, thanks for the RAD link, at least with RAD I know there is some kind of qualification system so its a place to start....



I actually found the Canadian Dance Links website (but thanks for reminding me where it was)...its actually the reason I started freaking out in the 1st place!

May I ask who is "The Honourable Beverley J. Oda" ? Sorry if Im missing something.. :blushing:


Well, Im trying not to panic (not really succeeding at all though). I may have to hoof it around the city to every place in the phonebook (assuming there ARE any places in the phonebook) and pray that I find a tiny unknown school that cares about technique and doesnt have baton twirling.... it could happen right? Right??? :thumbsup:

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The Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble has a full-time professional balletmaster. It wouldn't hurt to ask if you could take ballet class with them. They are serious professional folk dancers who are extremely accomplished. I would imagine their ballet training is Russian-based.


Yevshan Folk Ballet Ensemble

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