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DVD/Videos: DancingFlix.com

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I just heard about a new business called DancingFlix, operated similarly to Netflix, that aims to rent as well as ultimately sell dance videos. I think it looks has the potential to be useful; it appears they're plan to offer some very diverse items. Their website is at www.DancingFlix.com.


They don't offer a huge amount yet, but apparently the owners couldn't wait to get started and they're buying and expanding as fast as they can. From their website:


"We are delighted to offer you all-genres dance DVDs in a convenient on-line subscription rental package....We’re gathering every dance video that we can find, paying special attention and priority to your requests. Never before have so many dance videos, including art, entertainment and instruction, been collected and offered for rent.


"If you live in rural or suburban America, like we do, you probably have only a few opportunities to see professional dance performances each year. And no matter where you live, if you’re a dance student or a dance teacher, like we are, you may want to review classics, research a particular movement combination, check out costumes, or just be inspired by the world of dance....


"No late fees. No shipping costs. ... When you’re ready for the next selection, return the DVD in the prepaid package and we’ll ship your next selection."

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I found this buried in the old posts (yes, I'm reading them all, I'm in about 2002 right now.)


For anyone who didn't see it then, and in case it hasn't come up again since, there is a netflix-like club for dancing DVDs:




I joined up, have had several communications with them, and they are very nice people as well as being efficient and having a good selection.


I just watched Deborah Vogel's turnout video while folding laundry tonight and learned the likely reason my right shin bone is rotated out below the knee in an incorrect and permanent way. I wish my teachers and parents had had this video when I was a child - I might have been saved from the early-onset osteoarthritis I have now!

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Wow, that looks like a really good scheme. Does anyone know if there's anything like that in the UK? I'm assuming Dancing Flix won't ship to here although I couldn't actually find out on the website!

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Thanks ever so much for posting! It looks like signing up for a month or two would make a great potential gift for a dancer. As we all know, Blockbuster, etc. have a very limited selection of ballet DVDs and videos at best, and it gets far too costly to purchase them from retail stores or online.

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What a GREAT idea! Away from home dk's would love it, especially the gift certificates. We will give it a try and let you all know.

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