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Ballet classes in Baltimore

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I would suggest Baltimore Ballet, under the direction of Cem Catbas (Vaganova primarily), or if you're willing to drive 20 minutes or so, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, under the direction of Dianna Cuatto (a mix of everything).

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What kind of classes are you looking for? Most adult classes here are on a semester system, rather than drop-in. Baltimore Ballet is decent, I think they've moved up to Cockeysville in northern Baltimore County. Downtown, there's Peabody Prep, part of the Peabody music conservatory. I've had mixed experiences there -- some classes are only an hour -- but they're worth considering. They're on a semester system, though, so I'm not sure if they let you just try one. There's a sort of casual class that may or may not still be going on at Hopkins once a week -- it's very basic, so I only went once -- but if you'd be interested I could try to find out if it's still going on.


I take class in Washington -- there's a much wider range of classes and generally better instruction although I could do without the one-hour drive. :rolleyes:

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It also depends on where you live in Baltimore...a subberb, north of town, downtown, etc...


There are tons of places in the neighboring towns, especially Howard County (Ellicott City and Columbia). Though try them out, some do not teach good technique. I call them kiddie ballet studios.


There is also goucher, an arts college in Towson, and Towson University with a good dance program. You could try some classes as Howard Community College.


Recommendations in Ellicott City area: Howard County Ballet (all levels for adult and adult beginner pointe), Ballet Royale (light on core technique corrections, but great detail in positions and very interesting combos). Cindee Velle Ballet (Ellicott City Chamber Ballet) has some good classes and higher level classes taught by Caryl Maxwell (previously owned Ellicott City Ballet Guild for 25 years). There are tons of other places.


Carrol County Ballet (mentioned by another) just moved to Springfield Hospital Location (they are turning all the surrounding buildings into businesses). It is on the boarder of Howard County and Carroll County off Rt. 32. They have all kinds of classes, but I haven't been there yet. They have a Sunday adult class with pointe afterwards.


The rest I know are more South like Olney, Silver Spring, and Bethesda.

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