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Our studio has changed the way we pay our tuition this year and it made me wonder what other schools do?

For the upper levels at our studio there is a yearly fee which is divided into eight monthly payments. New this year, parents are asked to provide a credit card to guarantee our payments.

There is no discount if you pay for the year in advance-does your studio offer such a discount?

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I pay monthly, using a credit card. We establish an amount before the school year begins, and then I"m charged at the first of each month. There is a very small discount for paying in full. I don't have to use a credit card, but it's convenient for me and I get airmiles which is is bonus!

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Alot of studios here are going to credit card security to combat the ever ending cycle of late payments. Our studios offer discounts for full and quarterly payments. Our monthly fees are prorated the same way, over a 9 month period.

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Our home studio has tuition set for the semester. The options are to pay it in full at the time of registration or to pay it in two installments (with a small service fee added). There is a very small discount offered for full payment in cash (which does not include a check, only actual dollar bills). The studio does offer 'drop-in' rates, but they are rather expensive and become cost prohibitive for even a full week of level classes. It is, however, nice to have that option available for when DD is home and the school isn't on break.

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Our studio offers monthly, quarterly, semester or yearly. We have no discounts. It all works out the same. We are charged late fees though when payments are late. We chose monthly...it all costs the same anyways!

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I'm given the choice to pay in full for the entire year (credit card or check is fine) which qualifies for a 5% discount, or in 4 (or was it 3?) installment payments scheduled throughout the year. (But you don't get the 5% discount.) The school also can set it up so that the installment payments are automatically charged to my credit card (MC, Visa, Discover, AmEx) on each due date. The school also offers work scholarships to qualifying students provided their parents provide last year's tax forms to prove their family's income level.

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DD school:

At Registration: Full Payment (no discount), or payment for first and last months.

Throughout the year: 4 installments, payable every other month

Cheques, no credit cards.

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We pay at the beginning of each term(four terms) and get a discount if paid within the first two weeks of term. We pay the same amount for each lesson taKen, but i know at some schools there is a flat rae you can pay which means your child can take as many classes as they like.

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I have experienced different systems. The 2 most recent schools did not give any discount at all either for early payment or multiple dancers. One was paid by the month and one requires the full semester payment up front. If no discount is offered, I'd prefer to pay by the month with a credit card. It is a pretty hefty bill!

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We pay monthly. Students have the option of taking additional classes at lower levels at no additional cost. The months of December and June are pro-rated. DD's school is very reasonable compared to other schools.

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We have three terms and payment, in full, is expected at the beginning of each term. No discounts. This year they have gone to a late fee. They have a scholarship program, also.

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DD's studio charges by the number of class hours taken per week, with "unlimited" (more than 14 hours/week) being a set fee (and the best bargain), payable by the month. 5% discount given to families with more than 1 child enrolled. We're just starting to take credit cards (I'm also encouraging an interactive website so parents can pay online), so we'll see how it goes. Thanks to the responders to this topic. I think it might be a good idea to discuss the idea of securing payment against late fees now since we're going to be doing the credit card thing. Maybe that'd be less difficult a pill to swallow if we get the website up and running.

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My DD's studio is merging with a new studio that is opening up in town, and they now have payment plans. The price per class goes down with each class that you take, capped off at twelve classes. I have to put ten percent down, and then I will go on a monthly plan. It does get costly when you are in that twelve class range.

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Guest DelBocaVista

We have the option of full payment for the entire year, two payments, or eight monthly payments. The amount goes up slightly for the two and eight payment schedules. I wish we could afford the one payment, but there is no way for us to do that. The eight payments are what we have to go with.

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