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Magazines: New York City Ballet !!!

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I just got the newest issue of TeenVogue in the mail today. I was reading through it when I got to an article on page 148 - about Kaitlyn Gilliland from New York City Ballet! It had a bit of the history of how she got involved with SAB, and then offered an apprenticeship with NYCB. The main focus of the article was talking about her knee injury and how she recovered - and is dancing solo pieces again!


There were some beautiful pictures of her.


There were also pictures from the SAB Annual Workshop Performance Benefit and Dinner (page 178).


Needless to say I was very excited =)


- C

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I saw that too! I was so excited to see BALLET in a regular magazine!!! Maybe some people are finally beginning to appreciate the beautiful art! :lol:

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Teen Vogue always includes something about SAB at least once every two months. Usually it's not something big, but it's always there if you look for it. Still, nevertheless it's exciting to read about ballet! :lol:

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How exciting! I am going to leave this thread here for a day or 2, so people can see it, and then I will transport it to its proper home over on 'Books/Magazines/etc.' Ok? :innocent:

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No problem- I'll move it now :cool2:

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Guest getthepointe5678
I was especially excited because I don't normally read TeenVogue and the first time I pick it up there's ballet in it. Super cool!


thats so cool!

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Welcome to ballet Talk for Dancers, getthepointe5678! :pinch:


Please feel free to introduce yourself over on our Welcome forum, and enjoy!!

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