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Casual classes in London


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I shall be in London for a few weeks in early September, and would like to take some casual adult classes. They can be in the day as I will be on holiday. I dont quite know about my level - equivalent to RAD Elementary or lower intermediate maybe? (I keep up with the barre work, but get lost in fast combinations in the centre). I shall be staying in Richmond so that side of London or the centre would be good.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Many thanks,



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Hi Jim,


Welcome in advance to London. There are plenty of classes in central London at Pineapple and Danceworks - I usually take the lunchtime/afternoon elementary classes there is I drop in. Also quite central is The Place (evenings). In west London, there are some at Ballet Rambert studios in Chiswick - a Monday morning one at 10am but not starting up until 18th Sept, and they have evening ones too although they might need you to sign up for the course. I take classes in Ealing at the Ealing dance centre (Weds and Thurs eve and Saturday afternoon, all drop-in). And I know there are also some in Richmond itself - Brendan who posts here knows about them, or if you can't find out and want to PM I'll ask around about them. Anyway, enough around to keep you dancing all day...

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Hi Jim,


the website Londondance.com has useful information, locations. phone numbers etc. Look in the directory section and then under classes and workshops. But then, under ballet classes, don't just look at 'adult ballet' because it only lists two and lots of the other places on the ballet list have drop in classes.

The link below should take you to the right page:




For my part I take classes at Danceworks, The Place, sometimes Pineapple - all central and easy to get to on the tube. Have heard good things about Marylebone dance studio and various others. You won't be short of good classes to try. Have a great holiday.



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That's great! Thank you everyone for your information,



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