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Difference Between Repertoire and Variations Classes?


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I was wondering, what's the real difference between a repertoire and a variations class?


Right now, my impression is that in variations you learn solo pointework pieces from ballets to practice in class. However in repertoire you rehearse pieces for a stage, some of which would involve corps work as well as potential solos.


Is this right or am I way off track?


My old studio didn't offer either, so it's a curious question =)

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Variations class can include duets, pas de trois, pas de quatre, etc. Repetoire however is always something done for a group.

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You are welcome! Perhaps there may be other defintions, but this is the way we handle the issue at Harid Conservatory.

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:thumbsup: I hope this isn't too off topic, but I really enjoy repertoire and variations classes, anyone else? I feel like I'm really dancing instead off the classwork. Feel free to delete. From little_dancer123 x
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