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I can't do fouettés...


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Well, we have a performance in about a month and there I am supposed to do some fouettés on pointe. I can do about 7-8 eight on pointe without bigger problem when I don't hear any music or just the normal piano music we use in class.

Now I have to dance in the performance to some kind of drum music and this stupid music just kicks me totally out of my fouettés. I mean, I have the beat, I can also turn with the beat but after three turns I fall out of balance. My teacher just don't know what to do with me. She said that my arms would be the problem but when I have to repeat the turns without the music, it works fine.


I know, it is a stupid problem. What do you think, would it help to get the music and just repeat the turning part at home over and over again? Should I ask my teacher to change this part in the dance or should I hope that with adrenalin they work in the performance?

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Definitely get the music and practice when you can. It sounds like you're losing just a little bit of time on each rotation and by the fourth turn you're behind- at least, that's what throws me out of balance with fouettees. I just try to spot harder, and keep my arms in a little more, to help me turn faster. Often this way I end up turning too fast, but eventually you find a medium.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. It really makes sense what you say. When I have my next rehearsal I will try to find out if this is my problem and I will make sure that I will get the music.

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