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In the Sept 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, there is a short fashion article/photoshoot, written by Mikhail Baryshnikov, which provides a very brief history of the school with artsy fashion shots of the students. I do have a question though if anyone gets a chance to read the mag - on page 373, there are a number of photos and the one I have in question is the bottom left hand side, of 3 girls in develope a la seconde. I find the hip alignment very odd - is this normal, or just Vaganova training. My DS mentioned that once the females reach 180 degree extension, it doesn't look as bad?


I love the photos, girls are lean and leggy, hand are very exaggerated, very similar body types as well...

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This is relatively normal for Vaganova training, today in 2006, for this age group (14). It is accepted, by some teachers (although not in the written text of pedegogy) that when the leg is taken to very high heights the hips maybe altered somewhat. However, for a more classical line, the supporting waistline and shoulders need to remain a bit more in line with the supporting leg.


What you see is a work in progress, at age 14, rather not the finished dancer, at 18/19.


I love the photos, girls are lean and leggy, hand are very exaggerated, very similar body types as well...

I am not really sure what you mean by the hand is very exagerated. The left hand on the young lady, in the picture you have mentioned , is not correct. Plain and simple. :grinning:

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Yes, thank you Ms. Schneider for your explanation. And about the hand, sorry, I meant to say the boy, on page 370 - I very much liked it though even though I found it somewhat "affectatious" . Overall, I found the "line" of these students elegant, whether in repose or in a pose.

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Well, that hand is not perfect either, but one never knows if it is because the photographer clicked before the boy and girl were coordinated together or if that is what the student thought was his best. Often times it takes a photo in order for a student to actually see what the teacher has been correcting. Photography of ballet is very difficult, without music even more difficult. The students, IMO, look like well trained students. Things may not be perfect, but it is a fine example of Vaganova students. The physiques are outstanding, the artistry is evident and for a fashion magazine, they did a very nice job. :grinning:

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Hm. Rather odd. o_O I study under the Vaganova method, and we're poked at constantly to keep our hips straight. Then again, they're still young. Maybe they don't have the placement right just yet?

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Although, by American standards, the young people in question may not look "up to par" according to American standards, please remember they are 14 or 15 years oldwhich means they have been studying ballet for four or five years. There is little to no feedback on the "correctness" of photographs published in many of the periodicals that are available on a daily basis of comprable teenagers. Perhaps it may be that one does not understand what is obvious in the photos, but clearly they are trained ballet students with exceptional facility, approaching serious work! :D

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