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I'm 16, have been dancing for over 10 years and am a fairly advanced dancer. However I don't have as much muscle as I'd like (on my legs). Because of the shape of my legs (boney knees that I really have to work to look straight and bowed legs), I feel that more muscle in my thighs and calves would help make them look better. However I hardly ever seem to feel sore in my calves, strangely enough...it's always more in my hamstrings. How can I work out my calves and thighs outside of class (or even more in class) in a way that's still beneficial towards ballet? Thanks.

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Get with a trainer to help you decide what you need and how to get there. Sounds like you'll need apparatus work, too, but see what the Pilates trainer says.

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O.K I have a question regarding that subject. They say that a ballet dancer should not run or jog for it builds muscle the wrong way. But maybe, for this specific purpose, it would be beneficial. What do you think??

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The problem with running is not so much building muscles as it is the problem that dancers run turned out, and that is not good at all. It's not the right way to run, and it can injure your legs and feet.

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