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Baby Swans


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Ok I have a few questions about the Baby Swans in Swan Lake ( the 4 swans)

Who is usually picked for the parts? Are they the smallest Corpe de Ballet dancers?


Another question. What happens if one person slips during this. Do all the swans fall, or are they advised to just let go and let one fall? :)

Have you ever personally seen someone fall?


I am not sure where to post this. I hope here is ok.

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Generally speaking, yes the Little Swans are on the smaller side, however the role is considered a solist role in a ballet company, meaning those dancers who are selected are either being given a chance to perform a solist role or the ranks are filled with solists only. The dancers must be have quick, precise, beautiful foot work and have a strong sense of responsibility for working in unison with others. Without these qualities this pas de quatre could become a disaster for all performing it. It is a possibility that all could go tumbling down if one does fall, although more often than not, that does not occur. I personally have never seen anyone fall on stage, but in rehearsal, some pretty comical moments to say the least. :)

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I did see one performance years ago with Royal Ballet where one giri lost her place, but she got back into it in about eight bars, so disaster was averted. "Press on! She got herself in trouble, she gets herself out!"

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